The Cloud has positively altered the fundamental nature of computing and how business gets done. Megatrends in Big Data and business analytics are transforming the way that data center and enterprise systems are creating, moving and consuming massive amounts of data. With the growing amount of available information and improvements in technology, businesses seeking better, safer access to immediate insights for faster decision making.

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Memory + Interfaces

The sheer amount of data combined with the world’s growing appetite for real-time information is putting tremendous pressure on data center and enterprise servers – particularly on the performance and capacity of their memory systems. Here at Rambus, we’ve developed industry-leading memory and serial link IP cores and chips for the most demanding and challenging of systems, pushing the boundaries of performance for next-gen cloud- and enterprise-based infrastructure.

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The growing amount of valuable information processed and stored in data center along with the increasing number breaches has brought security to the forefront of enterprise-based technology development. In order to achieve the highest level of security, SoCs need to have hardware-based security embedded from the very beginning. In order to provide a secure foundation for our digital world, we’ve pioneered techniques and solutions to protect all electronic devices against side-channel attacks.