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CU Electronic Transaction Services (CUETS) is a Canadian issuer and acquirer of credit cards and partner in the Canadian Co-operative system, providing payment systems and services to credit unions, caisses populaires, cardholders and merchants.


CUETS main objective was to migrate credit and debit cards to EMV chip based cards. As part of the transition to EMV, CUETS was looking for a tool to track data on individual cards, providing full life-cycle management of cards, card products, PINs, applications and parameters within applications. In addition, CUETS aimed to enable its credit union partners to provide their members with superior fraud protection, sophisticated, flexible and convenient payment options, and enhanced loyalty reward programs, with all of these services potentially offered on one card. For future strategy, CUETS wants the solution to support multi-application functionalities; loyalty, internet access and identity services.


The Rambus EMV Token Manager, recently acquired from Bell ID, was chosen by CUETS to migrate its cards to a chip based solution. In addition, EMV Token Manager software was integrated to assists CUETS in the administration of chip cards as well as supporting user segregation and data security.


The Rambus EMV Token Manager enabled CUETS to support a variety of credit unions and clients, each with unique business needs, products offerings, chip platforms, and reporting requirements. In addition, the software supports the potentially large card base while keeping costs low in the initial stages when chip cards are in the process of being issued. The EMV Token Manager ensures their future functionality requirements; to add additional functionalities, multi applications, post-issuance creation, management and processing of EMV scripts.