EnStream is a joint venture of Bell Mobility, Rogers and TELUS — Canada’s three largest wireless companies. These mobile network operators formed EnStream LP in 2005 to help enable a common mobile commerce platform for Canadians.


EnStream was in need of a neutral provider to provision and manage secure applications on near field communication (NFC)-enabled devices in Canada. The company required a system that could manage complex and large-scale infrastructural requirements. The system had to be able to manage extremely high credential volumes, align with all industry standards, adapt and be flexible to future market requirements and support any SIM based SE form factor.


The Rambus Trusted Service Manager, recently acquired from Bell ID, is a vendor neutral software platform used by TSMs.  The solution provides over-the-air lifecycle management of applications utilizing cryptographic keys and SEs on SIM cards in NFC devices. This ultra-secure software platform allows multiple stakeholders to manage the information and the security protocols necessary to make mobile payment and other transaction services possible.  It enables TSMs – such as EnStream – to supply service providers, including banks, transit operators and merchants, with the means to securely provision, store and update their credentials and applications on NFC capable mobile devices. In addition, the software platform is vendor independent and follows global industry standards to ensure interoperability between EnStream’s BlackBerry host platform and other TSMs and third party services.

Becoming a TSM video still

Becoming a Trusted Service Manager


The technology enables EnStream to operate as a trusted service manager (TSM), drive further deployment of NFC-based applications and promote consumer adoption of mobile services in the region. The TSM platform provides over-the-air lifecycle management of SEs on any NFC smartphone. This solution gives Enstream a best-of-breed and fully managed solution.  Canada is poised to become the world leader in NFC payments, which is, in part, due to EnStream’s choice of Bell ID’s software platform  and professional services capabilities.

Pat Curran, Executive Chairman at Bell ID“The selection of Bell ID’s solution by EnStream confirms our position as a leading vendor-independent TSM software provider.”

“Bell ID Trusted Service Manager was chosen since it fully aligns with industry standards and is scalable and adaptable to future business and technical requirements. It is also form factor neutral, supporting applications on any type of SE. The flexibility offered by the solution ensures that we can support different implementation models and provide a wide range of capabilities to our customers.”

Almis Ledas, Chief Operating Officer at EnStream