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SEB Kort, a subsidiary of the Swedish Bank SEB, is a north, east European card issuer and acquirer with over 4 million issued cards (MasterCard and VISA) in the Nordic region, the Baltics and Germany.


SEB was seeking a solution that would enable them to migrate their entire card base to chip cards. They aimed for a compatible solution that would smoothly integrate with their existing SEB IT platform, be cost effective and have a high level of security. In addition, they wanted the vendor to take full responsibility for EMV data generation, personalization script for loading in the chip and Smart Card Management System including EMV script generation for the lifecycle of the chip.


The Rambus EMV Token Manager provided SEB with card application, key management and EMV script notification as part of SEB’s SEPA compliancy. The card issuing functions are related to all EMV descriptions from VISA, MasterCard and EMVCo.


The solution facilitates the issuance of millions of EMV compliant debit and credit cards as well as providing a comprehensive key management system, data preparation and perso bureau management functionality. SEB’s in-house EMV script processing is fully integrated with the Rambus EMV Token Manager.