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Custom LED Light Guides

Creating thinner, more elegant luminaire designs by utilizing Rambus MicroLens optical technology with design and manufacturing services


Product Brief

Custom Light Guides for a Wide Spectrum of Applications

The Rambus Lighting Division creates a technologically advanced set of edgelit light guide design and manufacturing capabilities, enabling fixture lighting OEMs and designers to create innovative products through an expanded design space. At the core of our lighting solutions is the MicroLens optical technology, a versatile refractive element incorporated into the light guide.

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Expanding the Luminaire Design Envelope

This wide set of customizable options provides the ability for designers to solve traditional lighting challenges by vastly simplifying the luminaire design and reducing its scale. Our MicroLens elements provide the same function that a reflector and lens historically performed, effectively combining two large components into one ultra-thin light delivery system.

How MicroLens® Works

The MicroLens optics are specifically designed micro scale features that effectively shape light within a thin edgelit light guide while creating a uniformly lit glowing surface. Our core technology can be combined with other customizable features such as curved or flat form factors, and LED input area configurations to further enhance the creative palette of luminaire designs.


Microlens Optics

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MicroLens® optics are 3-dimensional elements that are embedded in an optical waveguide or film, that provide customizable control of uniformity and output ray angle distribution for superior application efficiency.