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Standard LED Light Guides

Create thin and inspired luminaires with MicroLens optical technology with reduced cost and lead time.


Product Brief

Product Description
D-300 Diffuse optics provide a uniformly illuminated surface and light distribution
S-300 Specular optics for superior glare control and luminaire aesthetic
SD-300 Semi-diffuse optics for optimized light control and uplight distribution

Light Guides for LED Fixtures

The standard LED light guides combine the powerful MicroLens optical technology that provides greatly-improved upon light delivery and unparalleled lighting control to ensure light is delivered into the proper zone. Standard light guides are optimized for commercial pendant and recessed general lighting applications and are available in 6 standard sizes.

Standard lightguides are available in three different constant density MicroLens optical patterns: Diffuse, Semi-Diffuse, and Specular. Each pattern addresses specific technical and visual lighting requirements of the modern office lighting environment. The diffuse pattern is the most visually homogenous, and its light distribution is soft and wide. Semi-Diffuse provides a more directional light pattern and offers high angle light reduction. Finally the specular pattern provides the best beam control while offering superior visual comfort by eliminating light at high angles.

LED Light Guides

How MicroLens® Works

The MicroLens optics are specifically designed micro scale features that effectively shape light within a thin edgelit light guide while creating a uniformly lit glowing surface. Our core technology can be combined with other customizable features such as curved or flat form factors, and LED input area configurations to further enhance the creative palette of luminaire designs.

Technical Data

Material Standard Sizes
PMMA optical grade acrylic 1215mm x 305mm
4mm thickness (nominal) 605mm x 305mm
UL Listed 305mm x 300mm
Tg: 104C 305mm x 145mm
605mm x 605mm
605mm x 145mm

*605mm x 605mm not available in the D Series


Microlens Optics

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MicroLens® optics are 3-dimensional elements that are embedded in an optical waveguide or film, that provide customizable control of uniformity and output ray angle distribution for superior application efficiency.

TruEdge™ LED Coupling

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TruEdge™ LED Coupling coupling enables highly-efficient, edge-lit general lighting fixtures that utilize the fewest number of LEDs for a desired light output level.