From smartphones and tablets, to wearables, mobile devices are at the heart of our daily lives and we demand a lot from them. With expectations for performance, security, battery life, connectivity and new functionality constantly rising, mobile technology developers have exciting challenges and opportunities ahead of them.

Binary Pixel Imagers

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Memory + Interfaces

Faster memory is essential to enabling the level of performance needed for the high-end applications we all enjoy on our smartphones and tablets – apps like graphics-heavy gaming, HD video capture and smooth content streaming on 4K displays. But, in order to support enough battery life to make it through the day without recharging, memory technologies must be extremely power efficient as well. Our mobile memory IP core solutions do just that by supporting industry-leading speeds and up to 25% lower power consumption.

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Today’s mobile devices are full of valuable and personal information – information that needs to be secured. These devices have a critical need for security. Robust security starts with the design of the SoC and continues with the manufacturing supply chain. By building security into the DNA of each connected device, our CryptoManager platform embeds a hardware root of trust into the Soc to enable not only key provisioning and authentication, but secure configuration and remote feature enablement throughout the devices life cycle.

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Emerging Solutions

Mobile devices now extend a step beyond smartphones and tablets to include a wide array of connected endpoints, like smart watches, fitness trackers, and virtual reality headsets just to name a few. All of these devices must be able to gather, communicate, and to a limited extent, process and store information, while consuming very little power to extend battery life as long as possible. High-end mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, can benefit from the high dynamic range, improved low-light sensitivity and enhanced stop-motion performance of our Binary Pixel Imagers. Meanwhile, the ultra-low power, tiny factor and cost-effectiveness of our Lensless Smart Sensor is ideal for both smartphones and the growing number of simple-function, connected endpoints expected to become ubiquitous in the years to come.