Nevis Technologies is a joint venture company between Rambus and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).

The company is the delivery agent for smart integrated ticketing and brings together a depth of expertise from both the transport and smart technology industries.

Rambus, through the acquisition of Ecebs, jointly with SPT deliver services providing a fully integrated smart ticketing scheme that can be used on multiple modes of travel including Subway, Bus, Ferry and Rail. The systems are fully compliant to the U.K. Department for Transport standard ITSO and include a full suite of Rambus Smart Ticketing products including HOPS, Card Management System, smart cards, web-based retail interface and remote ticket download capabilities.

The smart integrated ticketing system benefits travellers by allowing them to travel across the Strathclyde region with one smart ticket. The introduction of multi-application smart cards and smart media means that one card or mobile device can be used for integrated ticketing and electronic payment.

The Nevis Technologies system was introduced on the Glasgow Subway in 2013 ready for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. In addition a wider roll out is planned on all modes of public transport to make travelling throughout the Strathclyde region more convenient for passengers, delivering a customer experience to rival many of the smart transport schemes deployed around the world today.

The company structure will create further opportunities to develop a smart media roll out throughout the whole of Scotland similar to London’s Oyster card scheme, meaning we are a step closer to a smart future for Scottish transport.

If you have any enquiries regarding Nevis Technologies or any future developments, please contact us.