DPA Countermeasures

>DPA Countermeasures

Side channel attacks reportedly targeted Trusted Platform Modules

Security analysts reportedly explored how to extract private encryption keys from Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) by “measuring electromagnetic signals emanating” from the chips. “This is what cryptographers call differential po​wer analysis, a sophisticated side-channel ​attack [...]

Microsemi targets security sector with Rambus cryptography tech

Rambus’s Cryptography Research Division (CRD) has entered into a partnership with Microsemi to resell a number of advanced security technologies developed by the DPA product engineering team at CRD. According to Michael Mehlberg, Senior Director [...]

Why intuitive interaction with visual data is critical for security

Writing for InformationWeek’s Dark Reading, OpenGraphiti creator Thibault Reuille says the security field offers an “endless number” of applicable uses for the visualization of loosely related data. “Firewall, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and [...]

Military cyber security should start at the core

Military & Aerospace Electronics editor John Keller recently confirmed that cyber warfare and cyber security are “hot issues” in the aerospace and defense electronics industry. “Cyber security is considered to be one of the few [...]

Securing the IoT starts at the core


Writing for NewElectronics, Ben Jun of the Cryptography Research division of Rambus says securing the Internet of Things (IoT) starts at the core. “The risks associated with a rapidly growing IoT include privacy, unauthorized access, [...]

Securing the warfighter on a 21st century battlefield

Often located in close proximity to hostile territory, forward operating bases (FOBs) are typically used to support tactical operations. Although FOBs are routinely supported by Main Operating Bases, adverse conditions may act to temporarily delay [...]

DRAM leads all semiconductors in 2014

Worldwide semiconductor revenue remains on track to reach $338 billion in 2014, a 7.2 percent increase from 2013, and up from the previous quarter's forecast of 6.7 percent growth. According to Gartner analysts, DRAM leads all [...]

Rambus showcases DPA resistant Cryptographic Cores @ ARM TechCon 2014

ARM TechCon 2014 kicks off today in Santa Clara, California. We’ll be at booth #206, showcasing our flagship DPA resistant cryptographic cores and software libraries. The demo shows a comparison of potential vulnerabilities of standard [...]

Protecting FPGAs from side-channel attacks

A field-programmable gate array – or FPGA – is an integrated circuit that can be configured by a customer or designer after manufacturing. As HPC Wire’s Nicole Hemsoth recently reported, FPGAs have found a comfortable home [...]

DPAWS UX gets a cryptographic makeover

The 2014 Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems Workshop – aka CHES – kicks off in South Korea on September 23. Sponsored by the International Association for Cryptologic Research, the event was first held in Worcester, [...]

Rambus secures smartphones and tablets

Did you know that Rambus is helping a number of industry heavyweights protect smartphones and tablets against side-channel attacks? In recent years, Rambus has licensed its DPA countermeasure technology to multiple corporations including Broadcom, Infineon, [...]