Rambus appoints two new fellows

Rambus has appointed Drs. Helena Handschuh, a renowned cryptographer, and Thomas Vogelsang, a world recognized DRAM expert, to one of the company’s highest technical positions, Rambus Fellow. The Rambus Fellow program was developed in 2006 [...]

Rambus inks license agreement with Western Digital

Earlier this week, Rambus confirmed that it had signed a broad patent license agreement with Western Digital Corporation. According to Luc Seraphin, senior VP and general manager of the Memory and Interfaces division at Rambus, [...]

Rambus joins GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator Program

GLOBALFOUNDRIES recently announced the addition of eight new partners to its FDXcelerator Program, including Rambus, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE Group), Amkor Technology, Infosys, Mentor Graphics, Sasken, Sonics and QuickLogic. Rambus, along with the above-mentioned [...]

Design-led marketing with SVEN

Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel recently curated a Silicon Valley Executive Network (SVEN) event that convened at Accenture’s Redwood Shores Liquid Studio to explore how design thinking can create a truly competitive advantage. Nadel, who has [...]

Maximizing Von Neumann architecture


In 1945, mathematician and physicist John von Neumann described a design architecture for an electronic digital computer in the First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC. Also known as the Princeton architecture, the design [...]

Rethinking system architecture as Moore’s Law wanes


Ed Sperling of Semiconductor Engineering observes that chipmakers are increasingly relying on architectural and micro-architectural changes as the “best hope” for optimizing power and performance across markets, process nodes and price points. “While discussion about the [...]

Rambus microsite goes live on The Next Platform

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A new microsite curated by Rambus is now live on The Next Platform. According to Kendra De Berti, Director, Solutions Marketing at Rambus, the microsite hosts a wide range of in-depth content on applications from [...]

Exploring future memory requirements for quantum computing


Quantum computing utilizes quantum-mechanical phenomena, including superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. According to Wikipedia, quantum computers differ from traditional binary digital electronic systems based on transistors. To be sure, digital computing encodes [...]

Building a seismic supercomputer in the shadow of Dennard Scaling


Bert Beals of Cray Inc. recently told the Digital Energy Journal that the industry can no longer simply build an efficient supercomputer for seismic processing by simply adding more processors. Indeed, because Dennard Scaling no [...]

Understanding Dennard scaling


In 1974, Robert H. Dennard co-authored a now-famous paper for the IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits. Essentially, Dennard and his engineering colleagues observed that as transistors are reduced in size, their power density stays [...]

Accelerating branding with design-led marketing

M is the exclusive MLOVE forum dedicated to exploring the future of mobility and connectivity. Organized by MLOVE Curator Harald Neidhardt, the off-the-record, invite-only forum for CEOs, CMOs, entrepreneurs and technology leaders was recently hosted [...]

SiFive eyes silicon reset with RISC-V

A San Francisco-based startup known as SiFive has announced plans to develop and sell chips based on open-source RISC-V architecture. According to Don Clark of the Wall Street Journal, the tech includes a set of [...]

This algorithm steals ATM PINs from wearables

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Security researchers at Binghamton University and the Stevens Institute of Technology have successfully combined smartwatch sensor data with an algorithm to crack ATM PINs. As Megan Scudellari of IEE Spectrum reports, Chen Wang of Binghamton [...]

Why megapixels are only part of the smartphone camera equation


Carolyn Mathas of Electronics 360 recently penned a blog post exploring the ever-higher resolutions supported by smartphone cameras. “What [really] drives the need for ever-higher smartphone camera pixel count today—bragging rights or stunning selfies?” she [...]

Algorithms for the enterprise


A Gartner analyst has recommended that IT leaders begin designing their algorithmic business models – both to capitalize on their potential for business differentiation and to mitigate the possible risks involved. "The significant development and [...]

A look back at the Nintendo 64 (N64)

The long-awaited Nintendo 64 hit the hot neon city streets of Japan back in June 1996. Powered by a 64-bit NEC VR4300 CPU clocked at 93.75 MHz, the fifth generation console was one of the [...]

Open sourcing Moore’s Law


Nicole Hemsoth of The Next Platform recently observed that while Moore’s Law has yet to fully run its course, organizations such as the IEEE, along with individual device makers, are already thinking their way “out [...]

Rambus to talk ANSYS at DAC 2016

Joohee Kim of Rambus will be presenting a paper at DAC 2016 about how ANSYS simulation can be used to make IP more consumable by ensuring the integrity of complex designs. In addition to presenting [...]

The algorithms of No Man’s Sky


Developed and published by the indie studio Hello Games, ‘No Man's Sky’ is built around a procedurally generated deterministic open universe that contains a staggering 18.4 quintillion planets. The game also boasts complete solar systems, [...]

Aligning corporate and startup strategies for the IoT


Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel recently participated in an Internet of Things World panel about aligning corporate and startup strategies. As Nadel notes, the key to achieving successful synergy between the two requires a nuanced understanding [...]

From bots to artificial intelligence

Truphone co-founder James Tagg recently addressed the critical role artificial intelligence (AI) will play in helping smartphones and other technology platforms evolve. Tagg, who authored ‘Are The Androids Dreaming Yet,' kicked off his presentation in [...]

Rambus’ K. Krishna Moorthy appointed IESA Chairman

K. Krishna Moorthy, Corporate VP and Managing Director at the Rambus India Design Center, has been appointed chairman of the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA). “It is an exciting time for India’s electronics industry, [...]

Rambus joins the RISC-V Foundation

Rambus has joined the RISC-V Foundation as a founding member. The organization is dedicated to managing and promoting the adoption of the RISC-V hardware architecture standard throughout the semiconductor market. With this announcement, Rambus joins [...]

PULPino is a 32-bit RISC-V processor

Engineers at ETH Zurich and the University of Bologna recently debuted the 32-bit PULPino, an open-source microprocessor based on RISC-V architecture. The PULPino – taped out as a 65nm ASIC – is now available for [...]

DEFCON organizer talks IoT security


Ted Harrington, partner at Independent Security Evaluators and organizer of the annual DEFCON hacker conference, is not at all optimistic about a secure IoT. As Harrington tells Inverse, IoT security “will get worse, potentially a [...]

From consoles to VR


The Atari 2600 (or VCS) – which hit the nascent video game market back in 1977 – packed 128 bytes RAM and an 8-bit MOS 6507 CPU clocked at a mere 1.19 MHz. According to [...]

Genode OS adds RISC-V support

The open source instruction set architecture known as RISC-V has gained significant momentum over the past year. To be sure, the ISA is now backed by a number of industry heavyweights, including Google, LG and [...]

New monetization opportunities for the IoT

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Steven Woo, VP of Solutions Marketing at Rambus, recently participated in an Internet of Things (IoT) Summit panel discussion about the creation of new monetization opportunities in the burgeoning space. As Woo noted, chip design [...]

Semiconductor (silicon) IP market to hit $7 billion by 2022

A new report by MarketsandMarkets projects that the semiconductor (silicon) IP space will be worth $7.01 billion in 2022, up from $3.09 billion in 2015. “The driving factors for the growth of this market include [...]

From Silicon Valley to Egypt National Science Week


The Egypt National Science Week is a nationwide celebration to promote science and technology throughout the country, comprising numerous lectures, panel discussions, science demonstrations, robot competitions, cultural events and more, held at universities in major [...]

The evolution of RISC-V and open source

Did you know that many industry pundits originally believed there was “little money” to be made in the business of open source software? “As the wave of Linux distributions rolled forth, however, that was quickly [...]

Back doors: From Multics to WarGames

Ernest Worthman and Ed Sperling of Semiconductor Engineering recently co-authored a fascinating article that explores the surprising origins of back doors in the technology sector. “One of the first open references [to back doors] was [...]

Can semiconductors be open sourced?

Eric Weddington, an Open Source Architect at Trimble, recently published an article on LinkedIn Pulse that examines the possibility of making Integrated Circuits (ICs) and microprocessors open source. “What would it take to do that? [...]

Evaluating security risks in the cloud

Cloud computing is perhaps best known for offering users ubiquitous and convenient on-demand network access. “[The cloud provides a] pool of configurable computing resources such as shared networks, servers, storage, applications, and services,” Ernest Worthman [...]

Charting a new course for semiconductors


The semiconductor industry is at an inflection point facing challenges, including rising development costs, shrinking margins, market saturation and unprecedented consolidation. Although no stranger to boom and bust cycles, semiconductor companies are actively seeking a [...]

Brief memories and reflections on Marvin Minsky (1927–2016)

Written by Rambus Fellow Dr. David G. Stork The recent death of MIT Professor Marvin Minsky at age 88—one of the pioneers and central figures in the field of artificial intelligence, the discipline seeking to [...]

Paul Kocher to moderate RSA Cryptographers’ panel


Paul Kocher, the President and Chief Scientist of Rambus’ Cryptography Research division, will be moderating the RSA 2016 Cryptographers’ Panel on March 1st at 9:50AM. Participants, including Adi Shamir, Moxie Marlinspike, Ronald Rivest and Whitfield [...]

NIST bolsters random number generators

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published the second draft of a publication that details design principles for entropy sources, which measure the randomness of generated numbers. As FCW’s Sean Lyngaas recently [...]

CIOs mull IoT security concerns

Dinyar Dastoor, VP and GM at Wind River, recently penned an article for CIOs in Embedded Computing Design that explores the security risks associated with the management and deployment of IoT devices. “For many [CIOs], [...]

Is Mr. Robot the new WarGames?

WarGames – which hit theaters way back in 1983 – is an early hacker film starring Matthew Broderick (David Lightman) and Ally Sheedy (Jennifer Mack). For the uninitiated, WarGames depicts the fictional story of David [...]

Designing a secure and sustainable ADAS

Writing for Semiconductor Engineering, Ann Steffora Mutschler observes that under the hood, modern vehicles barely resemble their predecessors from a few decades ago. “There are sophisticated safety and drivetrain monitoring features, software for interpreting and [...]

A market outlook for the IoT

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Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel recently headlined a CES 2016 AppNation panel exploring the market potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). The panel was moderated by Matthew Quint of the Columbia Business School, and also [...]

Hacking and cracking with Mr. Robot

USA’s wildly popular “Mr. Robot” took center stage at the CES 2016 CyberSecurity Forum in Las Vegas. Hosted by Nilay Patel of The Verge, the Robot panel featured a number of writers, consultants and security [...]

Rambus and Microsoft explore future memory systems

Rambus has confirmed that it will be collaborating with Microsoft researchers to explore future memory requirements for quantum computing. According to Rambus Labs VP Gary Bronner, existing computer architectures are reaching their limits due to [...]

Breaking software-based White Box Cryptography (WBC)

Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently described White Box Cryptography (WBC) as a “novel approach” that implements cryptography algorithms in software, rather than hardware. “The idea is to keep the cryptographic assets secure against attacks, [...]

Brain implant bypasses spinal paralysis

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio have developed a brain implant that allowed a paralyzed man to bypass his spinal injury and move his arm and hand. According to Antonio Regalado of MIT’s [...]

Evaluating XaaS security risks

Writing for Semiconductor Engineering, Ernest Worthman notes that the Cloud-centric concept of Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) hopes to simplify everything from cutting-edge business to consumer applications. “On the consumer side, it promises to take everything from your [...]

What’s worse than a password?

Did you know that a September 2015 US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) system breach resulted in 5.6 million leaked fingerprints? “We’ve all seen movies that included a clever way to get someone’s fingerprints, and [...]

Rambus Chief Scientist Paul Kocher to deliver keynote @ DesignCon 2016

Paul Kocher, the Chief Scientist of Rambus’ Cryptography Research Division, will deliver a keynote presentation at DesignCon 2016 on Thursday, January 21 in Santa Clara, California. Additional keynote speakers include Al Eisaian, CEO, IntelinAir, Inc., [...]

Dr. David G. Stork elected Life Fellow by the Optical Society of America

Rambus Fellow Dr. David G. Stork was recently elected “Life Fellow” by the Optical Society of America (OSA). OSA Fellows are selected based on their overall impact on optics, as gauged through factors such as [...]