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Get Ready for DDR5 DIMM Chipsets

Doug Daniels, Senior Manager, Applications Engineering at Rambus, recently penned an article for Times, giving server/system designers a heads up on what to expect when transitioning from DDR4 to DDR5 server dual-in line memory [...]

Fusing AI and semiconductors at CASPA 2018

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AI Trends and the Impact on Memory Systems Dr. Steven Woo, the Vice President of Systems and Solutions and Distinguished Inventor, Office of the CTO at Rambus, will be giving a keynote speech at the [...]

Data buffering gains ground across multiple verticals

Earlier this month, Semiconductor Engineering’s Ann Steffora Mutschler penned an article that takes a closer look at how buffering is gaining ground as a way to speed up the processing of increasingly large quantities of data. In simple [...]

Understanding the post Moore-Era data center

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Steven Woo, the vice president of systems and solutions and distinguished inventor in Rambus’ Office of the CTO, recently authored an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the data center in 2018 and beyond. As [...]

The evolution of server DIMM chipsets in the data center

Victor Cai, a director of product marketing at Rambus, recently wrote an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the evolution of server DIMM chipsets in the data center. According to Cai, DDR3 server DIMM chipsets [...]

The role of persistent memory in the evolving data center

DDR5 Ann Steffora Mutschler recent penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the role of new memory technology in the evolving data center. For example, DDR5 is expected to offer significant improvements over previous [...]

Evolving data center demands spur NVDIMM market

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores how evolving data center demands are spurring the NVDIMM market. Indeed, a Transparency Market Research (TMR) report published in August confirms that the [...]

Living on the edge with 5G and fog computing

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From 4G to 5G The current 4G cellular networks that drive our computers, tablets and smartphones are poised for a major upgrade as we approach 5G. To understand where we’re going with 5G, we need [...]

EE Times says DDR5 is running in Rambus’ labs

Rick Merritt of the EE Times reports that Rambus has working silicon in its labs for DDR5, which the journalist describes as the next major interface for DRAM dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs). The register [...]

Next-gen server DIMM buffer chipset targets DDR5 memory

Rambus has announced functional silicon of a double data rate (DDR) server DIMM (dual inline memory module) buffer chipset prototype targeted for next-gen DDR5 memory technology. According to Luc Seraphin, senior vice president and general [...]

5G connections to hit 1.4 billion by 2025

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Juniper Research analysts are forecasting 1.4 billion 5G connections by 2025, an increase from  just 1 million – upon commercial launch of 5th generation wireless systems – in 2019. Unsurprisingly, the U.S. alone is expected [...]

Bolstering bandwidth and capacity with new memory tech

Rambus’ John Eble and Frank Ferro recently penned an article for Data Center Dynamics that explores how new memory technology can help bolster both bandwidth and capacity in the data center. As the two note, [...]

How NVDIMM-N enables higher system performance

Sarvagya Kochak, a senior product marketing manager at Rambus, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the concept of enabling higher system performance with NVDIMM-N. According to Kochak, the shift from the traditional [...]

Memory buffer chips: The Amdahl-Moore’s Law connection

John Eble, a senior director of technical product marketing at Rambus, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering about memory buffer chips. As Eble notes, Moore’s Law, which observes that available transistors in an integrated [...]

Rambus launches JEDEC-standard DDR4 NVRCD

Rambus has launched a JEDEC-standard DDR4 registering clock driver for non-volatile DIMM (NVRCD). According to Bill Fuller, a senior director of field application engineering at Rambus, non-volatile dual in-line memory module (NVDIMM) technologies enable the [...]

DDR4 on track to hit largest share of DRAM market (by architecture)

Earlier this month, IC Insights confirmed that DDR4 DRAM gained significant market share in 2016, representing 45% of total DRAM sales. DDR3 DRAM – including low-power versions used in tablets, smartphone and notebook PCs – [...]

Understanding the role of buffer chips in the evolving data center

Rambus VP of Systems and Solutions Steven Woo recently penned an article for ChipEstimate about the changing data center. According to Woo, the evolution of computing from the PC-centric world of the 1980's-1990's to today's [...]

Optimizing data centers with DDR4 buffer chips

DDR4 memory delivers up to 1.5x performance improvement over DDR3, running at 2.4Gbps- 3.2 Gbps, while reducing power by 25% on the memory interface. However, the shift to higher speeds degrades electrical signal integrity, especially [...]

Rambus microsite goes live on The Next Platform

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A new microsite curated by Rambus is now live on The Next Platform. According to Kendra De Berti, Director, Solutions Marketing at Rambus, the microsite hosts a wide range of in-depth content on applications from [...]

Intel says DDR4 is ramping quickly


Last week at IDF 2016, Intel executive Geof Findley presented a comprehensive overview of the memory industry ecosystem. According to Findley, DDR4 is ramping quickly and should hit 31% of shipments during the second quarter [...]

ChipEstimate and Rambus look beyond DDR4


Frank Ferro, a senior director of product management at Rambus, has penned an article for ChipEstimate about the future of DRAM in the age of the IoT. According to Ferro, the semiconductor industry has traditionally relied [...]

Rambus to acquire Inphi’s memory interconnect business

Rambus has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Inphi’s Memory Interconnect Business for $90M in cash. The acquisition includes all assets of the Inphi Memory Interconnect Business including product inventory, customer contracts, supply chain agreements [...]

From F15s to buffer chips

Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel recently sat down with The CMO Club to discuss the diverse origins of his marketing career. Similar to many of his peers, Nadel did not originally set out to become a [...]

Rambus is @ ARMTechCon 2015

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Rambus – a silver sponsor of ARM TechCon 2015 – is kicking off the show this morning with a series of live demos centered on the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT). “The vision of the [...]

Future challenges for DDR4 and beyond

Ely Tsern, VP and chief technologist for the Rambus Memory and Interfaces division, has identified five key trends driving future server memory. These include Big Data, additional cores per CPU, a DRAM scaling slowdown, the [...]

TECHnalysis Research talks Rambus server memory chipsets


Bob O’Donnel of TECHnalysis Research recently published a white paper describing the critical role memory server chipsets play in facilitating high-speed DDR4 designs. “With the introduction of DDR4, server system designers can leverage DRAM that runs [...]

Ely Tsern talks memory interface chipsets with The Platform


Ely Tsern, VP and chief technologist for the Rambus Memory and Interfaces division, recently sat down with Nicole Hemsoth of The Platform to discuss the launch of the company’s server memory interface chipset. “Memory today, [...]

Riding Big Data waves with the R+ DDR4 Server DIMM chipset

Semiconductor Engineering editor in chief Ed Sperling has confirmed that evolving business models, acquisitions, minority investments and increasing uncertainty are creating fundamental industry shifts. “The announcement that Rambus is developing memory controller chips, expanding its business beyond [...]

AnandTech, Forbes and WSJ cover Rambus memory chipset launch

The recent launch of Rambus’ RB26 R+ DDR4 server memory chipset has been covered by a number of prominent publications and analysts, including the Wall Street Journal, AnandTech, SemiEngineering, Reuters, ReCode, VentureBeat, The Register, Fortune, [...]

Rambus showcases RB26 DDR4 DIMM chipset at IDF 2015

Rambus is showcasing its new server memory interface chipset at IDF 2015 in San Francisco. RB26 – for RDIMMs and LRDIMMs – is designed to deliver industry-leading performance and capacity for both the enterprise and [...]

EETimes: Rambus entering the fabless chip business

Junko Yoshida, Chief International Correspondent at UBM Electronics, says Rambus is entering the fabless chip business with the launch of its server memory interface chipset. “Rambus, which started its business 25 years ago as a [...]

Server market growth tied to increased memory demand


Loren Shalinsky, a Strategic Development Director at Rambus, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores how server market growth has prompted a salient increase in memory demand. “A high-end server can have 48 or [...]

Increasing crop yields with Big Data


The Farmers Business Network (FBN) is currently working on an initiative to break down agricultural data on millions of acres of U.S. farmland – while providing real-world results on the performance of various seed and [...]

Report: Intel’s Skylake-S is primed for DDR4


Writing for KitGuru, Anton Shilov says Intel’s upcoming Skylake-S architecture will promote DDR4 “considerably more aggressively” than initially believed. “Although [the] integrated memory controller of Skylake supports different types of DRAM, the processors will not [...]

The DDR5-HBM connection


Frank Ferro, senior director of product marketing at Rambus, recently told SemiconductorEngineering’s Ed Sperling that he was looking forward to seeing what the company could do for next-gen DDR5 as well as evolving high-bandwidth memory [...]

Navigating Big Data analytics


Intel VP and General Manager Ron Kasabian recently described the extraction of meaningful information from raw data as a “key enabler” of the new digital service economy. “In this new era, an organization’s competitive edge [...]