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Lothian Buses selects Nevis Technologies as its smart ticketing partner

Lothian Buses, the UK’s largest publicly owned bus company, has chosen Nevis Technologies as its smart ticketing partner. Lothian Buses will deploy the same solution used successfully by the Glasgow Subway, Abellio ScotRail and McGill’s, [...]

Rambus’ Unified Payment Platform is on PaymentWeek


Earlier this week, Mike Dautner of PaymentWeek covered the launch of Rambus’ Unified Payment Platform which was unveiled at MWC 2017 in Barcelona. “Rambus announced some exciting news regarding a comprehensive mobile payments platform to [...]

Rambus showcases the future of mobile payments and smart ticketing at MWC 2017


Rambus showcased its mobile payment and smart ticketing solutions in booth #7J31 (Fira Gran Via) at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. “We demonstrated how consumers can digitize physical payment cards in a secure mobile [...]

Accelerating mobile wallet adoption with Rambus’ Unified Payment Platform


Rambus has launched a comprehensive mobile payments platform to enhance payment security, reduce operational costs and increase revenue for retailers. According to Rambus president and CEO Dr. Ron Black, the Rambus Unified Payment Platform securely [...]

SPT pilots Rambus Ecebs HCE ticketing

The Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) is set to initiate a pilot program for the HCE ticketing solution recently launched by Rambus Ecebs. The HCE mobile ticketing suite, which securely loads virtual smart cards onto [...]

Why HCE is a “game changer” for smart ticketing

Richard Moore, a Product Manager at Rambus Ecebs, recently spoke with Transport Ticketing Global staff about host card emulation (HCE) and why the software-based architecture is a “game changer” for smart ticketing. As Moore explains, [...]

Rambus Ecebs launches HCE mobile ticketing solution

Rambus Ecebs has launched a host card emulation (HCE) mobile ticketing solution that enables transport operators to replace physical smart cards with secure digital travel wallets housed on passenger smartphones. According to Russell McCullagh, managing [...]

Smart travel goes mobile with HCE

The increased adoption of frictionless commerce by public transport operators is a critical prerequisite for the evolution of smart cities. This is precisely why transport operators have steadily replaced paper tickets and tokens with smart [...]

Mobile proximity payments to hit $92 billion by 2019


With mobile proximity payments projected to reach $92 billion by 2019, merchants and card issuers are reportedly rushing to release branded mobile apps that capitalize on both in-store and online payments growth. According to Javelin, [...]

Our Top 5 Smart Ticketing Predictions for 2017

Our top 5 predictions for 2017 The UK boasts many successful smart ticketing schemes outside its capital – such as the Robin Hood Network in Nottingham, Nexus Pop in Tyne and Wear and Bramble on [...]

How we can deliver the Transport Secretary’s vision for smart ticketing

How we can deliver the Transport Secretary’s vision for smart ticketing Like many in the transport ticketing arena, we welcome the engaged and strong approach Chris Grayling, UK Government Transport Secretary, is taking to smart [...]

What to expect from Rambus Ecebs at the Smart Ticketing & Payments Conference

Our key role in the UK’s first HCE ticketing deployment (based on the UK interoperable ITSO specification ) is leading the way in delivering world-class ticketing systems that will bring greater convenience to travellers, and [...]

Using your smartphone as a ticket in West Yorkshire

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is on track to kick off a trial run that will see a select group of train passengers use their smartphones as tickets. Rail services between Huddersfield and Leeds stations [...]

HCE Ticketing in the UK is a ‘Game Changer’

HCE ticketing in the UK is a ‘game changer’ Rambus Ecebs has developed a Host Card Emulation (HCE) mobile solution that is being used in a ticketing trial in the UK. The initiative will allow [...]

UK eyes an end to paper train tickets

Lydia Willgress of the Telegraph says paper train tickets could be retired over the next 8 years, with government officials considering various plans that would see customers using smartphones and contactless cards to expedite travel. [...]

Contactless cards go mainstream in the UK

A new report from the UK Cards Association confirms a significant increase in the use of contactless cards. To be sure, £7.75bn was spent using contactless cards in 2015 – representing a massive jump from [...]

Tyne and Wear Metro see major passenger increase

Ridership on the UK-based Tyne and Wear Metro has hit a six-year high, with the Department for Transport confirming an extra two million journeys on the Tyne Wear Metro for 2015/16. According to Katie Dickinson [...]

ECEBS talks open standards and security

Stephen McSpadden, Head of Solutions at Ecebs, now part of Rambus, recently spoke with Steve Atkins of ContactlessIntelligence about smart ticketing and open standards. As McSpadden notes, Ecebs is a leading supplier of [...]

All aboard with Bramble

The ongoing advancements in smart technology are changing the way we travel. Travelers and operators alike will benefit from paperless tickets and seamless journeys across multiple modes of transportation.  The infographic below highlights the growing [...]

We’ll always have Paris (but not the Metro ticket)

The Local has confirmed that the iconic Parisian Métro ticket will be phased out by 2021. “For nearly 116 years, from the opening of the first line in 1900, those little rectangles of white paper [...]

What is Near Field Communication?

What is NFC? NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication, which is close-range contactless communication between devices that can be used for payment, tickets, secure entry, keys, etc. There are three modes of operation [...]

Ecebs and Penrillian team up on smartcard apps

Penrillian and Ecebs have clinched an agreement to create a new mobile solution for the transport ticketing market. In this context, Ecebs is now Penrillian’s preferred Part 11 provider for its white-label Voyager app, which allows [...]

ITSO CMD2 Smart Cards – What you need to know

In a previous blog, I reviewed the different card types that you might want to consider for your transport ticketing solution. The purpose of that piece was to confront some preconceptions regarding the performance of [...]

Rambus acquires Smart Card Software for $93 million


Rambus has acquired Smart Card Software Ltd for £64.7M in cash, or approximately $93 million at the current exchange rate. The newly acquired company – which comprises Bell Identification Ltd (Bell ID) and Ecebs Ltd [...]

What is a smart card?

The Smart Chip Provides Simplicity and Reliability The Smart card chip can store large amounts of data securely in both read only and read/write formats giving the user the ability to safely add and remove [...]

Rail Passengers will win after the Election – but by how much?

Much is being made of the likelihood of a hung parliament at the UK general election, of coalitions and of deals being struck behind closed doors. It all points to uncertainty and speculation about many [...]

A Blueprint for Smart Rail Travel

A recent study by the Office of Rail Regulation has found that rail passenger journeys are continuing to increase. With the national network already at breaking point, this growing demand could break the system if [...]

How to choose the right smart card

Consider what the smart card will be used for... Some smart cards are suited to certain applications such as access, payment or transport ticketing. How much data needs to be stored on the card? Different [...]

Is NFC the panacea for our transport woes?

In the UK we are approaching a key moment as transport operators make decisions on the adoption of NFC to improve the consumer experience NFC has tried to catch the attention of mobile technology users [...]

ITSO Smart Card Market Opportunities

Why should a smart card manufacturer care about ITSO? Smart ticketing has been identified as a growth opportunity for smart cards in the UK. In October 2013, the UK Department for Transport published: “Rail Fares [...]

MobileWorld Congress 2014 – The Round Up

Held annually in Barcelona, Mobile World Congress is globally renowned for setting future trends in mobile and gives companies the chance to showcase and launch their latest innovations. This was Rambus Ecebs first visit to [...]

Paragon RTD, the cloud based ‘smart ticket delivery’ software being deployed across the UK

Some background on Ecebs and ITSO ITSO is the UK Government mandated open specification for interoperable smart ticketing. The specification was developed with the aim of ensuring that public transport operators throughout Great Britain can [...]

ISO 27001 Who, What and Why?

Having recently been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate we thought we would take a moment to not only blow our own trumpet, but also to explain what this means to Rambus Ecebs and our customers. [...]

OSPT Alliance and ITSO working together to further open standards in ticketing

The announcement earlier this week that ITSO (the organisation responsible for the UK national specification for smart ticketing) and the OSPT Alliance (Open Standard for Public Transport) have agreed to participate as members in each [...]

Top 5 UK transport smart card myths dispelled

Myth #1: Rambus Ecebs only sell their own ITSO CMD2 cards WRONG! Did you know that we supplied over 1 Million DESFire smart cards last year to local authorities and transport operators? We supply appropriate [...]

NFC – The Future of Transport Ticketing

We came across a great article today entitled Bill and Ted’s mobile NFC Transit Ticketing Adventure. David Worthington, the author, has painted an interesting scenario of the future of transit ticketing and how passengers can [...]

Cartes 2012 Exhibition and Conference Highlights

This week's post is from guest blogger Ian Atherfold, Ecebs Sales Director who attended Cartes 2012 Exhibition & Conference last week. Smart Solutions for Security, Payment, Identification and Mobility Held at the  Paris Nord Villepinte [...]

Smart Ticketing: ITSO in the cloud

We've had an exciting week organising this year's big event at BT Tower where we’ll be sharing our latest thoughts and ideas and demonstrating the technology that’s going to take the intelligence out of the [...]

One Week With a Scottish Smart Card Company

Over the past week I have been working in all departments and with many interesting and colourful people at Rambus Ecebs. Although, I have only done a few basic jobs here at Rambus Ecebs I [...]

An introduction to smart ticketing in the cloud

Well, it has been one week since our new website launched, and we have had some very positive feedback. So, thank you very much. Next week we will be delivering the keynote speech at the [...]