isolation mechanisms

>isolation mechanisms

Security researchers hack automotive CAN network

White hat security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have once again hacked a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, this time plugging a laptop directly into the vehicle’s CAN network via a port under the dashboard. “Instead [...]

No quick fix for automotive insecurity

Did you know that the automotive industry is still “ill equipped” to protect connected vehicles from hackers due to lagging security standards? Indeed, industry leaders have only begun to seriously explore more effective methods of [...]

Securing connected vehicles

Ann Steffora Mutschler of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted that malicious hacking has existed since the dawn of connected electronics. However, says Mutschler, such hacks are now occurring with increasing sophistication in the automotive sector. “Even [...]

Jeep hack highlights critical automotive vulnerabilities

Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek recently highlighted a series of automotive vulnerabilities when they hacked a Chrysler jeep driven by Wired journalist Andy Greenberg. Indeed, the duo managed to (wirelessly) assume control over [...]