Let’s talk about 7nm

Frank Ferro, a senior director of product management at Rambus, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering about the promises and challenges of 7 nanometers (nm). According to Ferro, the demand for 7nm is driving [...]

10/7nm: Transient power issues and side-channel attacks

Semiconductor Engineering’s Ann Steffora Mutschler has written an in-depth article that explores the issue of transient power at 10/7nm. According to Mutschler, transient power adds yet another level of complexity for design teams already wrestling [...]

Securing ultra-low-power devices

Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted that future ultra-low-power (ULP) IoT devices require a new paradigm for handling cryptography. “To optimize the power in a ULP device, cryptography and otherwise, there are two approaches [...]