How banks can accelerate mobile wallet adoption

Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel recently penned an article in Global Banking and Finance Review that explores how banks can help accelerate the adoption of mobile wallets. As Nadel notes, many payments players, including banks, have [...]

Rambus Bell ID simplifies tokenization management for banks

Rambus Bell ID, part of the Rambus Security Division, has introduced a versatile Token Gateway that allows banks to more easily integrate multiple mobile payment schemes. More specifically, issuing banks can now use a single [...]

A modular approach to Big Data

Driven by Big Data and new applications, modern servers and data centers are out of synch with current demands – due to increasing requirements for real-time access to large amounts of information. That is precisely [...]

Data centers need a new paradigm

Semiconductor Engineering editor in chief Ed Sperling has written an article exploring the evolution of the data center in the context of the Cloud. As Sperling notes, corporate data centers are notorious for their reluctant adoption [...]

A modular homeostasis for next-gen data centers


Writing for ITBusinessEdge, Arthur Cole confirms that modular infrastructure has gained a firm footing in the data center industry. To be sure, nearly all of the platforms currently on the market are optimized for scale-out, [...]