Rambus DPA Workstation (DPAWS)

>Rambus DPA Workstation (DPAWS)

NIST eyes lightweight cryptography to protect small electronics

Small devices, comprehensive protection Cryptography experts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have kicked off an initiative to protect IoT devices that require a new class of cryptographic defenses against cyber-attacks. More [...]

Rambus licenses DPA countermeasures to Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics

Rambus has signed a patent license agreement with Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd, a fabless chip design company that focuses on smart cards and related technologies. The agreement includes the use of Rambus patents such [...]

10/7nm: Transient power issues and side-channel attacks

Semiconductor Engineering’s Ann Steffora Mutschler has written an in-depth article that explores the issue of transient power at 10/7nm. According to Mutschler, transient power adds yet another level of complexity for design teams already wrestling [...]