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The importance of a hardware root-of-trust in an anti-counterfeiting IC


Scott Best, a technical director at Rambus Security, has written an article for Semiconductor Engineering about the important role a hardware root-of-trust plays in an anti-counterfeiting IC. As Best explains, during manufacture, an anti-counterfeiting security IC is [...]

Ransomware could target connected vehicles

Jeff Plungis of Consumer Reports observes that the recent “WannaCry” ransomware attack highlights the digital vulnerabilities in our daily lives, including connected vehicles which increasingly rely on computer chips and more than 100 million lines [...]

Becoming makers of better

Becoming makers of better On February 27th at Mobile World Congress, Bell ID and Ecebs officially start an exciting new chapter as ‘Rambus Security’. In this blog, Dr. Martin Scott, senior vice president and [...]

The challenge of securing connected vehicles

Jeff Dorsch of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted that connected cars and the Internet of Things (IoT) go hand in hand. Nevertheless, says Dorsch, realizing the future of autonomous vehicles will demand close attention be paid [...]

Protecting local government offices from ransomware

Last week, cyber criminals targeted computer systems operated by the government of Licking County, Ohio with a virus and an accompanying financial demand that has been labelled ransomware. Ransomware is typically used to lock systems [...]