Rambus validates interoperability of DDR4 high-performance memory IP solution for Arm-based data center systems

Rambus’ DDR4 PHY and Arm’s CoreLink DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller Today, we announced the validated interoperability of Rambus’ DDR4 PHY and Arm’s CoreLink DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller. Together, these IP blocks offer speeds of up [...]

Strategies for securing retail payment data

The value of mobile wallets may be seen to provide a seamless and enhanced buying experience to consumers. But digital retail wallets are also a highly-effective means of improving payments security and mitigating risk.

Rambus and eftpos team up in Australia to support Apple Pay

Rambus and eftpos support Apple Pay transactions in Australia Rambus has teamed up with domestic debit network eftpos to help provide secure transactions for Apple Pay users in Australia. Through integration with Rambus’ Token Service [...]

Evolving data center demands spur NVDIMM market

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores how evolving data center demands are spurring the NVDIMM market. Indeed, a Transparency Market Research (TMR) report published in August confirms that the [...]

A holistic view of automotive security with FASTR and Rambus

Infographic: Opportunities for Research & Innovation The Future of Automotive Security Technology Research (FASTR) recently published an infographic that highlights its holistic view of vehicle security. As is illustrated in the infographic below, this includes [...]

Rambus delivers high-speed SerDes solutions on GLOBALFOUNDRIES FX-14 ASIC platform

Rambus’ silicon-proven, high-speed SerDes solutions Rambus is now offering a suite of silicon-proven, high-speed SerDes solutions developed for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES high-performance FX-14™ ASIC platform. The suite includes 16G MPSL (multi-protocol serial link), 30G C2C (chip-to-chip) [...]

How a Silicon Valley company taught me the importance of culture fit

Written by Riju Pareek During my first year in the Crosby MBA program at the University of Missouri, I actively pursued internship opportunities, conducting a lot of research and applying to many companies. One common [...]

The case for cold DRAM in the data center

Cryogenic, superconducting digital processors offer the promise of significantly reduced operating power for server-class computing systems. This is due to the exceptionally low energy per operation of Single Flux Quantum circuits built from Josephson junction [...]

The importance of securing smart homes

Earlier this month, Rambus Sr. Director of Security Products Asaf Ashkenazi wrote an article for Semiconductor Engineering that discusses the importance of securing smart homes. As Ashkenazi notes, OEMs are inadvertently creating major security risks [...]

Rambus cracks post-quantum ‘QcBits’ cipher with side-channel power analysis

Rambus security researchers have successfully conducted a side-channel assisted cryptanalysis attack against QcBits, a code-based public key algorithm based on a problem thought to be resistant to quantum computer attacks. QcBits – pronounced “quick-bits” – [...]

EE Times says DDR5 is running in Rambus’ labs

Rick Merritt of the EE Times reports that Rambus has working silicon in its labs for DDR5, which the journalist describes as the next major interface for DRAM dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs). The register [...]

Rambus highlights HBM2 PHY collaboration at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Technology Conference


HBM2 PHY We are showcasing our HBM2 PHY at the GLOBALFOUNDRIES Technology Conference at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara (table #6). Designed for systems that require low latency and high bandwidth memory, our HBM2 PHY [...]

Key ingredients for a successful mobile wallet

Rambus recently interviewed a number of prominent industry experts at the Mobey Forum about the key ingredients for a successful mobile wallet. According to Kristian Luoma of the OP Financial Group, a mobile wallet should be [...]

The challenges of IP reuse

Semiconductor Engineering’s Ed Sperling recently penned an article about the challenges of IP reuse. The basic business proposition for third-party IP, says Sperling, is that it’s cheaper, faster and less problematic to buy rather than [...]

Rambus showcases IoT security, mobile payments and smart ticketing @ MWCA 2017

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We will be showcasing our IoT security, mobile payment and smart ticketing solutions at Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA 2017) in San Francisco on September 12-14, 2017. Come visit us at stand N.319 in Moscone’s [...]

Rambus HCE Smart Ticketing wins Juniper Research 2017 Future Digital Award

Juniper Research has announced that Rambus’ HCE Ticket Wallet Service & HCE Ticketing App won the “best ticketing solution” category in its 2017 Future Digital Award for Commerce & Fintech. The Future Digital Awards are [...]

Rambus talks HCE smart ticketing with CBRGovernment

Last month, CBRGovernment sat down with Russell McCullagh, Managing Director of Rambus Ticketing, to discuss Host Card Emulation (HCE) and the future of smart travel. As McCullagh notes, Rambus recently launched its HCE mobile ticketing [...]

Hailing a Frappuccino has never been so easy

A good number of consumers — perhaps out security fears and perceived technological inconvenience (or sometimes both) – are always reluctant to try anything new. As it so often happens, transformative technology encourages us to [...]

TEMPEST side-channel attacks recover AES-256 encryption keys

In a recently published paper, security researchers built a miniature system capable of covertly recovering encryption keys using side-channel analysis. Fox-IT’s Craig Ramsay and Jasper Lohuis collaborated with Riscure to perform this analysis against two [...]

Rambus and Northwest Logic certify HBM2 interoperability

Rambus has validated interoperability between its HBM2 PHY and Northwest Logics’ HBM2 Memory Controller Core. The combined HBM2 solution is designed to support high-performance networking and server applications in the data center and communications markets [...]

Bolstering bandwidth and capacity with new memory tech

Rambus’ John Eble and Frank Ferro recently penned an article for Data Center Dynamics that explores how new memory technology can help bolster both bandwidth and capacity in the data center. As the two note, [...]

GLOBALFOUNDRIES highlights HBM2 PHY collaboration with Rambus

2Tbps multi-lane HBM2 PHY Earlier this month, GLOBALFOUNDRIES demonstrated silicon functionality of a 2.5D packaging solution for its high-performance 14nm FinFET FX-14 integrated design system for application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). The 2.5D ASIC solution includes [...]

SiFive and Rambus to provide IP for the ‘DesignShare’ economy

SiFive has announced a collaborative partnership with Rambus. More specifically, the latter company’s security technology will be made available for use with SiFive’s Freedom platforms. This includes a hardware root-of-trust, cryptographic cores, key provisioning capabilities [...]

How NVDIMM-N enables higher system performance

Sarvagya Kochak, a senior product marketing manager at Rambus, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the concept of enabling higher system performance with NVDIMM-N. According to Kochak, the shift from the traditional [...]

Can the IoT be immunized?

The Financial Times recently published an article that explores the dangers of an unsecured IoT ecosystem. As the article notes, human pandemics such as the Spanish Flu illustrate how poor cyber-health could potentially lead to a [...]

GLOBALFOUNDRIES demonstrates 2.5D high-bandwidth memory (HBM) solution

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has demonstrated silicon functionality of a 2.5D packaging solution for its high-performance 14nm FinFET FX-14™ integrated design system for application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). According to Kevin O’Buckley, VP of ASIC product development at GF, [...]

HBM2 continues to ramp

Samsung ramps volume production of 8GB HBM2 Earlier this month, Samsung confirmed an increase in production volume of its 8-gigabyte (GB) High Bandwidth Memory-2 (HBM2) to meet growing market needs across a wide range of [...]

The open APIs of PSD2 and beyond

Unlocking the true value of APIs Herber de Ruijter, EVP Head of Digital for Transaction Banking at iGTB, recently penned an article for FX-MM about unlocking the hidden value of client data in open APIs. [...]

Softbank Technology announces strategic IoT security partnership with Rambus

Softbank Technology, along with two of its subsidiaries, Cybertrust Japan and Miracle Linux Corporation, have announced a strategic partnership with Rambus. The partnership will see the three companies collaborate to bolster IoT security and device [...]

Memory buffer chips: The Amdahl-Moore’s Law connection

John Eble, a senior director of technical product marketing at Rambus, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering about memory buffer chips. As Eble notes, Moore’s Law, which observes that available transistors in an integrated [...]

Let’s talk about PSD2 and mobile payments

The Payments Services Directive (PSD) was adopted in 2007, creating a single market for payments in the European Union and providing the legal foundation for a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). In 2015, the European [...]

Encouraging IoT security adoption

Rambus Sr. Director of Security Products Asaf Ashkenazi recently wrote an article for Semiconductor Engineering about encouraging IoT security adoption. As Ashkenazi notes, everyone acknowledges that the clear majority of IoT devices are vulnerable and [...]

HCE and the evolution of smart travel ticketing

Earlier this month, Director of Nevis Technologies David Braddock penned an article about the evolution of smart travel ticketing for EuroTransport. As Braddock notes, smart card-based ticketing has successfully provided a convenient way to travel [...]

What does the perfect buying experience look like?

Rambus recently interviewed a number of prominent industry experts at the Mobey Forum about the perfect buying experience. As Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel points out, the digitization of credit cards on mobile devices has enabled [...]

Becoming a design-led CMO

Drew Neisser of AdAge recently spoke with Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel about the importance of adopting a design-led approach to marketing. As Neisser explains, design-led thinking is essentially the unification of product development and marketing. [...]

Are in-flight mobile payments ready for takeoff?

Kristian Gjerding of MobilePaymentsToday recently penned an article about the future of in-flight mobile payments. More specifically, Gjerding cites a new CellPoint Mobile-commissioned survey that found “raised-on-mobile travelers” increasingly expect in-flight mobile payment capabilities to [...]

Survey: Mobile wallet payments are poised for growth

A new survey conducted by First Annapolis confirms that mobile wallets have proliferated over the past year, with issuers introducing proprietary solutions to compete with Apple, Samsung and Android Pay. Interestingly, two thirds of respondents [...]

Creating a compelling shopping experience with mobile payments

Simon Hill of Digital Trends recently observed that while the concept of ditching physical wallets and having all digital cards on our phones is undeniably attractive, it simply isn’t enough. “Even when mobile payment systems [...]

Wanted: Seamless mobile payments

Trip Chowdhry, managing director with Global Equities Research, tells George Avalos of The Mercury News that the digital wallet business has gotten off to a rough start. “There have been many false starts in this industry,” says [...]

Rambus is one of Visa’s new token service providers

Rambus has been chosen as a partner to participate in Visa’s token service provider program (TSP). According to Visa, broader access to new standards such as tokenization are set to be in growing demand as [...]

Emiko Higashi appointed to Rambus Board of Directors

Rambus has announced the appointment of Ms. Emiko Higashi as a Board director. Ms. Higashi is an industry veteran with broad experience in technology-focused investment banking and finance, along with a comprehensive understanding of business [...]

Contactless Intelligence talks smart ticketing with Rambus

Stephen McSpadden, a Senior Product Manager at Rambus, recently sat down with Contactless Intelligence to discuss the future of smart ticketing. According to McSpadden, transit Host Card Emulation (HCE) is now a reality, with real [...]

Rambus teams with Google and Interac® on Android Pay in Canada

Rambus has confirmed that it is working with Google and Interac Association / Acxsys Corporation (Interac), the organizations behind Canada's leading payment brand, to enable Interac Debit on Android Pay in Canada. With the Interac [...]

Rambus and Synopsys deliver provisioning services for secure hardware modules

Rambus and Synopsys are collaborating to accelerate the adoption of advanced security platforms and technologies to protect valuable assets during key and device provisioning. In this context, Rambus will provide its CryptoManager infrastructure and key [...]

DesignNews highlights Rambus’ IoT Device Management

Earlier this month, Charles Murray of Design News sat down with Rambus Sr. Director of Security Products Asaf Ashkenazi to discuss the company’s recently launched IoT Device Management service. According to Ashkenazi, the service provides [...]

Asia, Middle East and Australia: Mobile Payments Adoption Around the World

Written by Alex Chung, Head Business Development Asia Pacific Japan As part of the Seamless Payments event series, the Rambus Payments team has been in Singapore, Dubai and Melbourne, discussing the key trends that are driving [...]

Rambus talks IoT Device Management at IoT World 2017

Last week, Rambus Sr. Director of Security Products Asaf Ashkenazi gave a presentation about enabling cost effective connected device security at IoT World 2017 in Santa Clara. According to Ashkenazi, there are a number of [...]

Rambus showcases 56G Multi-Protocol SerDes (MPS) PHY at the Samsung Foundry Forum

Rambus is attending the Samsung Foundry Forum at the Santa Clara Marriott on May 24th. The company will be showcasing its 56G SerDes PHY, which is being developed on Samsung’s 10nm LPP (Low-Power Plus) process technology. [...]

LEDs Magazine focuses on Rambus’ MicroLens optics

LEDs Magazine editor in chief Maury Wright has penned an article about Rambus’ recent launch of its off-the-shelf LED light guides. As Wright notes, Rambus has been involved in the lighting industry for almost a decade, although the announcement [...]

Rambus and Cybertrust secure connected devices

Rambus has announced a partnership with Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. (Cybertrust), a leading provider of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions and a subsidiary of SoftBank Technology Corp. The two companies will deliver secure key provisioning [...]