Rambus Smart Ticketing Solutions for West Midlands Trains

Rambus is working with West Midlands Trains to support the rollout of smart ticketing across its rail network. This new deployment will help deliver a modern smart travel experience for passengers with Rambus’ interoperable ticketing [...]

Innovator of the Future: a Scholarship from Rambus

The Rambus “Innovator of the Future” Scholarship seeks to broaden the educational opportunities of students who, by virtue of their academic and extracurricular achievement, demonstrate a passion for science and technology that extends beyond the classroom. The winners must possess strong leadership and communication skills and the desire to positively impact society through innovation in science and technology.

Thales e-Security’s Countermeasure Validation Certification

Side-channel analysis, and specifically Differential Power Analysis (DPA), can be used as an attack, statistically analyzing power consumption measurements from a cryptosystem. DPA attacks exploit biases in the varying power consumption of microprocessors or other [...]

Rambus at the Samsung Foundry Forum

In 2005, Samsung launched its Foundry business to provide leading-edge technology to the broader market. Based on accumulated technology leadership, Samsung successfully developed the foundry industry’s first 32nm High-k Metal Gate (HKMG) process in 2010, [...]

Designing automotive memory

Semiconductor Engineering’s Ann Steffora Mutschler recently penned an article about memory design. As Mutschler notes, memory design considerations are impacted by a range of factors, including cost, power, bandwidth and latency. “When it comes to [...]

Rambus licenses DPA countermeasures to Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics

Rambus has signed a patent license agreement with Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd, a fabless chip design company that focuses on smart cards and related technologies. The agreement includes the use of Rambus patents such [...]

Detecting and analyzing side-channel vulnerabilities with TVLA

Bart Stevens, the senior director of sales for the EMEA region in Rambus' Security Division and Gary Kenworthy, a senior principal engineer in Rambus' Security Division, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that discusses [...]

Talking payments at Mobile World Congress 2018

In our increasingly connected world, Mobile World Congress has become more than the venue for the latest smartphone launches. The conversations and demonstrations in Barcelona now have a profound impact on various industries across the [...]

Building practical IoT security to preempt tomorrow’s cyberattacks

On March 15th, ABI Research and Rambus will host a webinar titled “Building practical IoT security to preempt tomorrow’s cyberattacks.” The webinar will be presented by Michela Menting, Research Director at ABI Research and Asaf Ashkenazi, [...]

Rambus is @ MWC 2018!

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MWC 2018 kicks off today in Barcelona! We’re at booth #7J31 (Hall 7) in the Fira Barcelona Gran Via, showcasing our CryptoManager IoT Security Service, Unified Payment Platform and a range of Smart Ticketing solutions. [...]

Rambus talks IoT security with Semiconductor Engineering

Chip-to-cloud security Kevin Fogarty of Semiconductor Engineering recently sat down with Asaf Ashkenazi, Rambus VP of IoT Security Products, to discuss security in the age of the Internet of Things. As Fogarty notes, Rambus is [...]

Beyond pixels and shaders: Non-graphical uses for GDDR6

Graphics Double Data Rate (GDDR) memory is a type of synchronous graphics random-access memory (SGRAM) with a high-speed interface. First available in 2007, the previous generation of GDDR, GDDR5, has evolved well beyond its expected [...]

Data buffering gains ground across multiple verticals

Earlier this month, Semiconductor Engineering’s Ann Steffora Mutschler penned an article that takes a closer look at how buffering is gaining ground as a way to speed up the processing of increasingly large quantities of data. In simple [...]

Understanding the post Moore-Era data center

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Steven Woo, the vice president of systems and solutions and distinguished inventor in Rambus’ Office of the CTO, recently authored an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the data center in 2018 and beyond. As [...]

Introducing the Rambus GDDR6 Memory PHY

The Rambus GDDR6 Memory PHY IP Core Rambus has officially announced its GDDR6 (Graphics Double Data Rate) Memory PHY IP Core. According to Luc Seraphin, SVP and general manager of the Rambus Memory and Interfaces [...]

Rambus talks blockchain with Semiconductor Engineering

Earlier this month, Susan Breidenbach of Semiconductor Engineering wrote an article that explores the blockchain-cryptocurrency phenomenon. As Breidenbach observes, the blockchain buzz has reached “deafening levels” in recent months, although proponents of the technology say [...]

NFC, QR Codes, In-app and beyond…

‘Mobile payments’ is a broad term. As the ecosystem has developed, various new technologies have emerged to change the way we act and transact in-store. Integrating new with the old Some mobile payment technologies are [...]

Rambus at CES 2018: Running with Cybertrust’s Hamon

Rambus and Cybertrust Corporation, a security services company based in Tokyo, will introduce a new user experience through the Rambus “CryptoManager™ IoT Security Service” and Cybertrust’s “Secure IoT Platform®” (SIOTP) for a wearable IoT total [...]

The importance of PCI Express 4.0 in the data center

Niraj Mathur, VP of high speed interface products at Rambus, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the importance of PCI Express 4.0 in the data center. “Modern CPUs rely on the following primary [...]

Cryogenics and accelerators push DRAM limits

Last month, Semiconductor Engineering’s Kevin Fogarty wrote an article that explores how major industry players are pushing the limits of DRAM. As Fogarty observes, the access bandwidth of DRAM-based computer memory has improved by a [...]

Let’s talk about 7nm

Frank Ferro, a senior director of product management at Rambus, recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering about the promises and challenges of 7 nanometers (nm). According to Ferro, the demand for 7nm is driving [...]

On our way to frictionless travel with account based ticketing (ABT)

Written by Richard Moore, Product Manager at Rambus What is Account Based Ticketing (ABT?) Account Based Ticketing (ABT) offers passengers a convenient tap-and-travel experience, with ticket purchases automatically calculated and charged after the completion of [...]

2018 trends: Safer data, faster payments, better experiences

Fundamental shifts in consumer behavior, the emergence of new technologies and an evolving regulatory landscape means the payments ecosystem is poised for unprecedented transformation in 2018. The demand for safer data, faster payments and better [...]

Glasgow SmartZone launch: Making it easier to travel by bus

Nevis Technologies, the public/private joint venture company formed between Rambus and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), is the technology supplier/enabler for the newly-launched ‘Glasgow SmartZone’ smart ticketing deployment. Glasgow SmartZone is a smart ticketing platform [...]

Rambus showcases IoT security and smart ticketing at Smart City Expo World Congress


We will be showcasing our CryptoManager IoT Security Service and smart ticketing solutions at the Smart City Expo World Congress on November 14-16, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. Come visit us at booth #E545 (Hall 2) [...]

Rambus collaborates with Samsung Canada and Interac to deliver Samsung Pay

Enabling Interac Debit on Samsung Pay in Canada Rambus has teamed with Samsung Canada and Interac Association/Acxsys Corporation to help enable Interac Debit on Samsung Pay in Canada. Developed in collaboration with Rambus, the Interac [...]

The evolution of server DIMM chipsets in the data center

Victor Cai, a director of product marketing at Rambus, recently wrote an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the evolution of server DIMM chipsets in the data center. According to Cai, DDR3 server DIMM chipsets [...]

Rambus helps build Habitat homes

By: Dana Lanier, Sr. Director, Human Resources Business Partner Three weeks ago, a team of Rambus employees headed to Orange County, NC to build a Habitat home for a well-deserving family. On the morning of [...]

The role of persistent memory in the evolving data center

DDR5 Ann Steffora Mutschler recent penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores the role of new memory technology in the evolving data center. For example, DDR5 is expected to offer significant improvements over previous [...]

Rambus validates interoperability of DDR4 high-performance memory IP solution for Arm-based data center systems

Rambus’ DDR4 PHY and Arm’s CoreLink DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller Today, we announced the validated interoperability of Rambus’ DDR4 PHY and Arm’s CoreLink DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller. Together, these IP blocks offer speeds of up [...]

Strategies for securing retail payment data

The value of mobile wallets may be seen to provide a seamless and enhanced buying experience to consumers. But digital retail wallets are also a highly-effective means of improving payments security and mitigating risk.

Rambus and eftpos team up in Australia to support Apple Pay

Rambus and eftpos support Apple Pay transactions in Australia Rambus has teamed up with domestic debit network eftpos to help provide secure transactions for Apple Pay users in Australia. Through integration with Rambus’ Token Service [...]

Evolving data center demands spur NVDIMM market

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering that explores how evolving data center demands are spurring the NVDIMM market. Indeed, a Transparency Market Research (TMR) report published in August confirms that the [...]

A holistic view of automotive security with FASTR and Rambus

Infographic: Opportunities for Research & Innovation The Future of Automotive Security Technology Research (FASTR) recently published an infographic that highlights its holistic view of vehicle security. As is illustrated in the infographic below, this includes [...]

Rambus delivers high-speed SerDes solutions on GLOBALFOUNDRIES FX-14 ASIC platform

Rambus’ silicon-proven, high-speed SerDes solutions Rambus is now offering a suite of silicon-proven, high-speed SerDes solutions developed for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES high-performance FX-14™ ASIC platform. The suite includes 16G MPSL (multi-protocol serial link), 30G C2C (chip-to-chip) [...]

How a Silicon Valley company taught me the importance of culture fit

Written by Riju Pareek During my first year in the Crosby MBA program at the University of Missouri, I actively pursued internship opportunities, conducting a lot of research and applying to many companies. One common [...]

The case for cold DRAM in the data center

Cryogenic, superconducting digital processors offer the promise of significantly reduced operating power for server-class computing systems. This is due to the exceptionally low energy per operation of Single Flux Quantum circuits built from Josephson junction [...]

The importance of securing smart homes

Earlier this month, Rambus Sr. Director of Security Products Asaf Ashkenazi wrote an article for Semiconductor Engineering that discusses the importance of securing smart homes. As Ashkenazi notes, OEMs are inadvertently creating major security risks [...]

Rambus cracks post-quantum ‘QcBits’ cipher with side-channel power analysis

Rambus security researchers have successfully conducted a side-channel assisted cryptanalysis attack against QcBits, a code-based public key algorithm based on a problem thought to be resistant to quantum computer attacks. QcBits – pronounced “quick-bits” – [...]

EE Times says DDR5 is running in Rambus’ labs

Rick Merritt of the EE Times reports that Rambus has working silicon in its labs for DDR5, which the journalist describes as the next major interface for DRAM dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs). The register [...]

Rambus highlights HBM2 PHY collaboration at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Technology Conference


HBM2 PHY We are showcasing our HBM2 PHY at the GLOBALFOUNDRIES Technology Conference at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara (table #6). Designed for systems that require low latency and high bandwidth memory, our HBM2 PHY [...]

Key ingredients for a successful mobile wallet

Rambus recently interviewed a number of prominent industry experts at the Mobey Forum about the key ingredients for a successful mobile wallet. According to Kristian Luoma of the OP Financial Group, a mobile wallet should be [...]

The challenges of IP reuse

Semiconductor Engineering’s Ed Sperling recently penned an article about the challenges of IP reuse. The basic business proposition for third-party IP, says Sperling, is that it’s cheaper, faster and less problematic to buy rather than [...]

Rambus showcases IoT security, mobile payments and smart ticketing @ MWCA 2017

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We will be showcasing our IoT security, mobile payment and smart ticketing solutions at Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA 2017) in San Francisco on September 12-14, 2017. Come visit us at stand N.319 in Moscone’s [...]

Rambus HCE Smart Ticketing wins Juniper Research 2017 Future Digital Award

Juniper Research has announced that Rambus’ HCE Ticket Wallet Service & HCE Ticketing App won the “best ticketing solution” category in its 2017 Future Digital Award for Commerce & Fintech. The Future Digital Awards are [...]

Rambus talks HCE smart ticketing with CBRGovernment

Last month, CBRGovernment sat down with Russell McCullagh, Managing Director of Rambus Ticketing, to discuss Host Card Emulation (HCE) and the future of smart travel. As McCullagh notes, Rambus recently launched its HCE mobile ticketing [...]

Hailing a Frappuccino has never been so easy

A good number of consumers — perhaps out security fears and perceived technological inconvenience (or sometimes both) – are always reluctant to try anything new. As it so often happens, transformative technology encourages us to [...]

TEMPEST side-channel attacks recover AES-256 encryption keys

In a recently published paper, security researchers built a miniature system capable of covertly recovering encryption keys using side-channel analysis. Fox-IT’s Craig Ramsay and Jasper Lohuis collaborated with Riscure to perform this analysis against two [...]

Rambus and Northwest Logic certify HBM2 interoperability

Rambus has validated interoperability between its HBM2 PHY and Northwest Logics’ HBM2 Memory Controller Core. The combined HBM2 solution is designed to support high-performance networking and server applications in the data center and communications markets [...]

Bolstering bandwidth and capacity with new memory tech

Rambus’ John Eble and Frank Ferro recently penned an article for Data Center Dynamics that explores how new memory technology can help bolster both bandwidth and capacity in the data center. As the two note, [...]