TEMPEST side-channel attacks recover AES-256 encryption keys

In a recently published paper, security researchers built a miniature system capable of covertly recovering encryption keys using side-channel analysis. Fox-IT’s Craig Ramsay and Jasper Lohuis collaborated with Riscure to perform this analysis against two [...]

Breaking software-based White Box Cryptography (WBC)

Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently described White Box Cryptography (WBC) as a “novel approach” that implements cryptography algorithms in software, rather than hardware. “The idea is to keep the cryptographic assets secure against attacks, [...]

Riscure completes evaluation of CryptoFirewall™ security core

Riscure recently published a detailed analysis of the CryptoFirewall™ (CF) security core designed by the Cryptography Research division of Rambus. Essentially, the CryptoFirewall core prevents unauthorized access of content in multimedia decoding chips that are [...]