A Potential Measure against Side Channel Attacks with DPASL

With the proliferation of connected devices and the sensitive data they produce comes a significant challenge for manufacturers seeking to comprehensively protect their devices from exploits and attacks. As devices and services get more sophisticated [...]

Ushering a New Level of Security for Crypto Assets on Blockchain with Vaultify Trade

Today, Rambus announced the availability of Vaultify Trade, the first product that enables banks, exchanges, and investment portals to leverage tokens to secure the purchase, storage, exchange, and sale of cryptocurrencies. The platform enables the secure storage and transfer of crypto and digital assets using proven, bank-grade, field-deployed tokenization and encryption technology.

GSMA’s Guidelines and Assessment for IoT Security

A group of wireless carriers worldwide announced in late June that they would adopt and implement standard procedures developed to secure the Internet of Things (IoT). They have committed to implementing the GSMA IoT Security [...]

Securing real-time payments with tokenization

For banks, direct debit (ACH) fraud represents a bigger financial risk than card fraud. In particular, growing momentum for real-time payment schemes across the world is creating huge opportunities for fraudsters and placing increasing pressure [...]

Data Breaches in Retail over the Last Two Years

Depending on the person doing the shopping, it can be either a relaxing or a stressful affair. The latter is certainly true for those who are concerned about security and personal information. Since January, 2017, [...]

Sicherheit Uber Alles: Germany Prioritizes IoT Security

Industrie 4.0 aims to drive digital manufacturing forward by increasing digitization and the interconnection of products, value chains, and business models.

Money in motion: Mobile banking’s importance in the digital age

The evolution of the smart phone has dramatically changed parts of every day life. In the case of consumer banking, executives from both small and large financial institutions are realizing how vital a mobile presence [...]

Mind the gap (in security): The UK’s IoT guidelines

As part of its ongoing, five-year 1.9 billion pound security initiative, the United Kingdom (UK) government is planning to introduce new cybersecurity measures to better address Internet of Things (IoT) products that are online around [...]

Talking payments at Mobile World Congress 2018

In our increasingly connected world, Mobile World Congress has become more than the venue for the latest smartphone launches. The conversations and demonstrations in Barcelona now have a profound impact on various industries across the [...]

Global blockchain spending to hit $9.2 billion in 2021

blockchain: $2.1 billion by 2018 IDC analysts are forecasting that worldwide spending on blockchain solutions will hit $2.1 billion in 2018, more than double the $945 million spent in 2017. More specifically, blockchain spending will [...]

Tokenization: Beyond payments

In an age where users are becoming more reliant on sharing sensitive data, fraud is on the rise. The Federal Trade Commission’s online database of consumer complaints reports 13 million complaints from 2012-2016, 42 percent [...]

Rambus talks blockchain with Semiconductor Engineering

Earlier this month, Susan Breidenbach of Semiconductor Engineering wrote an article that explores the blockchain-cryptocurrency phenomenon. As Breidenbach observes, the blockchain buzz has reached “deafening levels” in recent months, although proponents of the technology say [...]

The rise of digital payments in India

Digital payment platforms, such as mobile wallets, payments banks, and electronic authentication, are on an upward surge in India. The volume of digital transactions in the country grew from 32% in 2013-2014 to 62% in [...]

Rambus selects Codasip Studio for next-gen RISC-V security products

Next-gen Rambus RISC-V security products Last week, we confirmed the selection of Codasip Studio for the development of our next-generation RISC-V security products. According to Bret Sewell, SVP and general manager of the Rambus Security [...]

Money20/20 Trends: AI, ‘everyday commerce’ and security

The bright lights of Las Vegas have gone out on Money20/20 for another year. As always, the event brought together the biggest names in payments and provided unprecedented insight into the future of financial services.

Rambus and eftpos team up in Australia to support Apple Pay

Rambus and eftpos support Apple Pay transactions in Australia Rambus has teamed up with domestic debit network eftpos to help provide secure transactions for Apple Pay users in Australia. Through integration with Rambus’ Token Service [...]

UN highlights Blockchain in new report

A new United Nations (UN) report highlights the important role digital payment systems are playing in developing and evolving the global economy. According to the UN, digital payment systems refer to the use of debit [...]

The importance of securing smart homes

Earlier this month, Rambus Sr. Director of Security Products Asaf Ashkenazi wrote an article for Semiconductor Engineering that discusses the importance of securing smart homes. As Ashkenazi notes, OEMs are inadvertently creating major security risks [...]

Rambus talks HCE smart ticketing with CBRGovernment

Last month, CBRGovernment sat down with Russell McCullagh, Managing Director of Rambus Ticketing, to discuss Host Card Emulation (HCE) and the future of smart travel. As McCullagh notes, Rambus recently launched its HCE mobile ticketing [...]

Ransomware could target connected vehicles

Jeff Plungis of Consumer Reports observes that the recent “WannaCry” ransomware attack highlights the digital vulnerabilities in our daily lives, including connected vehicles which increasingly rely on computer chips and more than 100 million lines [...]

DesignNews highlights Rambus’ IoT Device Management

Earlier this month, Charles Murray of Design News sat down with Rambus Sr. Director of Security Products Asaf Ashkenazi to discuss the company’s recently launched IoT Device Management service. According to Ashkenazi, the service provides [...]

Asia, Middle East and Australia: Mobile Payments Adoption Around the World

Written by Alex Chung, Head Business Development Asia Pacific Japan As part of the Seamless Payments event series, the Rambus Payments team has been in Singapore, Dubai and Melbourne, discussing the key trends that are driving [...]

Rambus launches turnkey secure connectivity with CryptoManager IoT Device Management

Rambus has launched a turnkey IoT Device Management service as part of its CryptoManager™ platform. Designed to work with leading IoT platforms and cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), the trusted service provides [...]

How trust can level the mobile playing field

Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel has written an article for IDG Connect about the changing mobile payments landscape. According to Nadel, the mobile payments ecosystem has evolved into a complex network of providers that includes card networks, [...]

Protecting implanted medical devices (IMDs) from side-channel attacks

Did you know that millions of implanted medical devices (IMDs) do not typically receive software upgrades to address security vulnerabilities? Such devices – which are often connected via the internet or wireless technologies – include [...]

Exploiting side-channel attacks with ASLR cache vulnerabilities (AnC)

Researchers from Vrije University in the Netherlands have developed a side-channel attack that neatly bypasses address space layout randomization (ASLR). As the researchers explain, ASLR randomizes the location of an application’s code and data in [...]

Why mobile wallets are more secure than payment cards

Ahmad Raza, the founder of, recently penned an article in the Huffington Post that explores why mobile wallets are more secure than traditional payment cards. As Raza points out, the latest Capital One Rewards [...]

Are we going cashless?

André Pfohlmann, an associate for the Banking Industry Business Unit at SAP, recently wrote an article in DigitalistMag that explores the recent trend amongst millennials and certain countries towards a cashless society. “There is research [...]

Biometric security and the future of mobile payments

According to Patrick Moorhead, Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, security has become one of the “biggest issues” in today’s technologically-connected society. “We use mobile devices to transfer money, pay bills and even to [...]

Securing the Internet of Things starts with transistors

Asaf Ashkenazi, senior director of product management in Rambus’ Security Division, has penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering about the six “Strategic Principles” for securing the Internet of Things (IoT) outlined by the U.S. Department of [...]

The evolving requirements of IoT security

Ed Sperling and Jeff Dorsch of Semiconductor Engineering recently penned an article about the future of IoT security. Specifically, the two journalists highlighted the distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against Dyn which saw waves [...]

Simplifying tokenization for mobile payments

Martin Cox, a Strategic Product Marketing at Rambus, recently observed that technologies such as tokenization are steadily evolving as the mobile payments ecosystem matures. “Now a security requirement for paying by smartphone, banks are faced [...]

Let’s talk about Money 20/20

Billed as the world’s largest payment and financial services event, Money 20/20 kicks off in Las Vegas on October 23rd. The Rambus team will be at booth 2525 in the Venetian Hotel, discussing all things [...]

Mobile payment trends in 2016 and beyond

Michelle Evans of MobilePaymentsToday recently wrote an article about the top trends shaping mobile payments in 2016. Citing a Euromonitor International survey, Evans reports that mobile-driven commerce will reach an estimated $972.25 billion across 46 markets [...]

Eyeing the future of smart cities

Rambus principal research scientist Patrick Gill recently penned an article for Telecoms Tech about how lensless smart sensors (LSS) can potentially play an important role in building future smart cities. As Gill notes, LSS technology [...]

Security is “often overlooked” for the IoT

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has determined that the overwhelming majority of publicly reported Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerabilities publicly disclosed over the last year could have been easily avoided. According Craig Spiezle, Executive Director [...]

Why did DishTV India choose an embedded root-of-trust?

Earlier this summer, DishTV India selected Rambus’ CryptoMedia Security Platform for use in its Pay TV satellite system. Essentially, CryptoMedia ensures secure distribution of premium content for cable and satellite operators with a hardware root-of-trust [...]

Safecracking goes high-tech with side-channel attacks


During the early days of safecracking, rudimentary rotary locks were compromised by feel or sound to determine the correct combination. Following in this tradition, a security researcher known as Plore recently demonstrated how side-channel attacks [...]

Protecting avionic systems from side-channel attack

Asaf Ashkenazi, a senior director of product marketing at Rambus’ security division, recently sat down with Neil Tyler of NewElectronics to discuss the potential threat side-channel attacks pose to avionic systems. As Tyler points out, [...]

From chip to cloud to client device

Over the past few years, Rambus has evolved from a pure IP licensing business to a product-centric semiconductor company. Our diverse product portfolio currently includes memory and interfaces, along with security and smart sensor solutions. [...]

Security researchers hack automotive CAN network

White hat security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have once again hacked a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, this time plugging a laptop directly into the vehicle’s CAN network via a port under the dashboard. “Instead [...]

Taking smartphone security to the next level

Asaf Ashkenazi, a senior director at Rambus’ security division, recently gave a keynote presentation about the future of mobile security at the Linley Group’s Mobile and Wearables Conference. According to Ashkenzai, the demand for trusted [...]

Motherboard talks security and Rambus


Motherboard’s Michael Byrne recently covered a paper written by Rambus chief scientist Paul Kocher for Communications of the ACM. In the paper, Kocher observes that computer security issues have far exceeded the limits of the [...]

Redesigning smart sensors for the IoT

Ed Sperling of Semiconductor Engineering observes that sensor technology is beginning to change on a fundamental level. Indeed, companies are now looking beyond the five senses – on which early sensors were modeled – to [...]

CryptoMedia secures Pay TV content for DishTV India

DishTV India has selected Rambus’ CryptoMedia Security Platform for use in its Pay TV satellite system. According to Martin Scott, senior VP and GM of the Security Division at Rambus, CryptoMedia ensures secure distribution of [...]

Boeing licenses DPA countermeasures

Rambus and Boeing have inked a licensing agreement for the inclusion of advanced differential power analysis (DPA) countermeasures in Boeing products. According to Martin Scott, senior vice president and general manager of the Security Division [...]

This algorithm steals ATM PINs from wearables

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Security researchers at Binghamton University and the Stevens Institute of Technology have successfully combined smartwatch sensor data with an algorithm to crack ATM PINs. As Megan Scudellari of IEE Spectrum reports, Chen Wang of Binghamton [...]

Rambus extends DPA countermeasures license with NAGRA

Rambus has extended its licensing agreement with NAGRA, a digital TV division of the Kudelski Group, for the use of its Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures in NAGRA digital TV offerings. “NAGRA has shown that [...]

Securing connected vehicles with Rambus CryptoManager

Anna Steffora Mutschler of Semiconductor Engineering recently observed that self-driving cars have prompted the semiconductor industry to consider a number of complex legal and regulatory issues. “[Self-driving vehicles] open up a whole new field for [...]

ECEBS talks open standards and security

Stephen McSpadden, Head of Solutions at Ecebs, now part of Rambus, recently spoke with Steve Atkins of ContactlessIntelligence about smart ticketing and open standards. As McSpadden notes, Ecebs is a leading supplier of [...]