Siloing security: A response to Meltdown and Spectre

Earlier this week, Jann Horn of Google’s Project Zero published a detailed blog post titled “Reading privileged memory with a side-channel.” The post confirmed that CPU data cache timing can be exploited to efficiently leak [...]

Computer Business Review highlights side-channel threat

Alexander Sword of Computer Business Review says cyber security is often thought of as a software issue that can be solved with a software solution. However, this paradigm ignores hardware-based attacks, a type of cyber [...]

Side-channel attacks target Mr. Robot

This past summer, Engadget’s Violet Blue compiled a list of the top Mr. Robot hacks. These include deanonymizing Tor traffic, the installation of an Android rootkit, compromising an HVAC system using a Raspberry Pi, Bluetooth [...]

Extracting crypto keys from the Cloud

A Worcester Polytechnic Institute research team has confirmed that it managed to successfully extract cryptographic keys from the Cloud. According to a recently published paper, the team built upon previous work by Ristenpart, who demonstrated [...]

Understanding the changing hardware-software paradigm

Hardware-centric platforms and solutions were traditionally designed with minimal input from software engineers. As Brian Bailey of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted, this approach worked when software content was negligible – and the practice did not [...]

Cracking SIM cards with side-channel attacks

A Jiao Tong University researcher has exploited side-channel attack techniques to crack the encryption codes protecting 3G and 4G cards. “[The cards use] AES-128, which is supposed to be virtually unbeatable by a brute-force attack, [...]