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Securing connected vehicles with Rambus CryptoManager

Anna Steffora Mutschler of Semiconductor Engineering recently observed that self-driving cars have prompted the semiconductor industry to consider a number of complex legal and regulatory issues. “[Self-driving vehicles] open up a whole new field for [...]

Rambus and Movimento secure OTA updates for connected vehicles

Rambus and Movimento have teamed up to deliver secure and personalized OTA updates for connected vehicles. As Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, VP of Products and Marketing at Rambus Cryptography Research points out, numerous OTA solutions designed [...]

Rambus and INSIDE Secure team up on VIDITY

INSIDE Secure has confirmed that it is working with Rambus’ Cryptography Research Division to facilitate the delivery of over-the-top (OTT) 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) content that meets Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) specifications. [...]

All aboard with Bramble

The ongoing advancements in smart technology are changing the way we travel. Travelers and operators alike will benefit from paperless tickets and seamless journeys across multiple modes of transportation.  The infographic below highlights the growing [...]

Shifting gears for the IoT

Writing for Semiconductor Engineering, Ann Steffora Mutschler observes that a shift is currently underway in the automotive industry as more connected vehicles hit the road each year. “[Connectivity adds] many of the features that consumers [...]

IoT security market to exceed $28 billion by 2020

A new report published by Research and Markets projects that the Internet of Things (IoT) security market will increase from $6.89 billion in 2015 to $28.90 billion by 2020. “With the technological advancement and increasing [...]

CryptoManager: Between ASICs and FPGAs

Manufacturers typically configure application-specific integrated circuits (ASICS) for targeted use cases. In contrast, a field-programmable gate array – or FPGA – is an integrated circuit with custom logic that is configured by a customer or [...]

Evaluating security risks in the cloud

Cloud computing is perhaps best known for offering users ubiquitous and convenient on-demand network access. “[The cloud provides a] pool of configurable computing resources such as shared networks, servers, storage, applications, and services,” Ernest Worthman [...]

There is no giant Faraday cage for the IoT


A Faraday cage or Faraday shield can best be defined as an enclosure formed by conductive material that is used to block electric fields. As such, Faraday cages either heavily attenuate or block the reception [...]

Waging 21st century cyber-warfare

Cyber-warfare is emerging as the most sophisticated battleground of the 21st century. “In fact, the military in all major countries make it a priority,” Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently observed. “Collectively they are spending tens of [...]

Evolving differential power analysis targets SIM cards

Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted that differential power analysis (DPA) has been a threat vector on the chip landscape for a number of years. “[DPA] was discovered around the mid 1990s by the [...]

Designing lightweight cryptography for the IoE

Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted that we have entered an age where technology is expected to do more, faster, anonymously, and often invisibly. “It’s supposed to use less power, with smaller footprints, unobtrusively [...]

Securing ultra-low-power devices

Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted that future ultra-low-power (ULP) IoT devices require a new paradigm for handling cryptography. “To optimize the power in a ULP device, cryptography and otherwise, there are two approaches [...]

Bolstering mobile security for the IoE

Writing for Semiconductor Engineering, Ernest Worthman notes that approximately six billion people rely on a variety of mobile devices to shop, bank, interface with social media and monitor their health. “Unless you are on the [...]