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PC World: Microsoft’s cool quantum computing plan embraces cryogenic memory

PC World’s Agam Shah reports that Microsoft is working with Rambus to develop and build prototype computers with memory subsystems that can be cooled at cryogenic temperatures, typically below minus 180 degrees Celsius or minus [...]

Security researchers hack automotive CAN network

White hat security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have once again hacked a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, this time plugging a laptop directly into the vehicle’s CAN network via a port under the dashboard. “Instead [...]

Evolving differential power analysis targets SIM cards

Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted that differential power analysis (DPA) has been a threat vector on the chip landscape for a number of years. “[DPA] was discovered around the mid 1990s by the [...]

AnandTech, Forbes and WSJ cover Rambus memory chipset launch

The recent launch of Rambus’ RB26 R+ DDR4 server memory chipset has been covered by a number of prominent publications and analysts, including the Wall Street Journal, AnandTech, SemiEngineering, Reuters, ReCode, VentureBeat, The Register, Fortune, [...]

Cracking SIM cards with side-channel attacks

A Jiao Tong University researcher has exploited side-channel attack techniques to crack the encryption codes protecting 3G and 4G cards. “[The cards use] AES-128, which is supposed to be virtually unbeatable by a brute-force attack, [...]

Radio emissions leak secret crypto-keys

A team of Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers has demonstrated the successful extraction of secret decryption keys from laptop computers via the non-intrusive measurement of electromagnetic emanations from a distance of 50 centimeters and a [...]