Bypassing air-gapped Faraday cages

Exploiting the magnetic field with Odini Researchers at Israel's Ben Gurion University (BGU) have demonstrated how attackers can successfully bypass Faraday cages to monitor low-frequency magnetic radiation emitted by air-gapped electronic devices. “While Faraday rooms [...]

Devil’s Ivy haunts vulnerable IoT devices

Security researchers at Senrio have discovered a stack buffer overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-9765) in the M3004 Axis Communications security camera. Dubbed “Devil’s Ivy,” the vulnerability, identified in an open source third-party code library, results in remote [...]

Safecracking goes high-tech with side-channel attacks


During the early days of safecracking, rudimentary rotary locks were compromised by feel or sound to determine the correct combination. Following in this tradition, a security researcher known as Plore recently demonstrated how side-channel attacks [...]

Security researchers hack automotive CAN network

White hat security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have once again hacked a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, this time plugging a laptop directly into the vehicle’s CAN network via a port under the dashboard. “Instead [...]

Is Mr. Robot the new WarGames?

WarGames – which hit theaters way back in 1983 – is an early hacker film starring Matthew Broderick (David Lightman) and Ally Sheedy (Jennifer Mack). For the uninitiated, WarGames depicts the fictional story of David [...]

Jeep hack highlights critical automotive vulnerabilities

Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek recently highlighted a series of automotive vulnerabilities when they hacked a Chrysler jeep driven by Wired journalist Andy Greenberg. Indeed, the duo managed to (wirelessly) assume control over [...]

Hospital medical devices targeted in cyber attack

A recent report authored by TrapX details three instances where hospitals were hit by data breaches. According to DarkReading’s Kelly Jackson Higgins, the digital intrusions occurred after certain medical devices had been infected with malware [...]

Brute force robot cracks combination locks

Samy Kamkar recently published the blueprints and software code for a 3D-printable Arduinio-powered combination lock-opening robot. Dubbed “Combo Breaker,” the ‘bot is capable of opening combination locks in under five minutes, although the cracking process [...]

Cyber attack shatters the digital-physical barrier

Writing for Wired, Kim Zetter reports that a recent cyber intrusion in Germany marked the second confirmed case in which a (wholly) digital attack caused physical destruction of equipment. “The first case, of course, was [...]

Remembering WarGames and the IMSAI 8080

Launched in 1975, the IMSAI 8080 was an early microcomputer built around Intel’s 8080 and 8085 microprocessors. According to Wikipedia, memory options included 256/4K bytes on a 4K board (static), along with 16K, 32K and [...]