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HBM3E: Everything You Need to Know

[Updated on June 10, 2024] AI training data sets continue to grow and require accelerators that support terabyte-scale bandwidth. Offering a high memory bandwidth and power-efficient solution, HBM3E has become a leading choice for AI training hardware. Find out why in our blog below. Table of Contents: What is HBM3E Memory? What is a 2.5D/3D […]

GDDR7 Controller

GDDR7 Controller Contact Us The Rambus GDDR7 controller IP core is designed for use in applications requiring high memory throughput including artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), graphics, high-performance computing (HPC). It supports 160 Gigabytes per second (GB/s) throughput for a GDDR7 memory device enabling next-level performance for AI accelerators and GPUs using GDDR7 memory. Secure Site […]

Post-quantum Cryptography (PQC): New Algorithms for a New Era

[Updated December 7th, 2023] Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), also known as Quantum Safe Cryptography (QSC), refers to cryptographic algorithms designed to withstand attacks by quantum computers. Quantum computers will eventually become powerful enough to break public key-based cryptography, also known as asymmetric cryptography. Public key-based cryptography is used to protect everything from your online communications to […]

PCI Express 5 vs. 4: What’s New? [Everything You Need to Know]

Introduction What’s new about PCI Express 5 (PCIe 5)? The latest PCI Express standard, PCIe 5, represents a doubling of speed over the PCIe 4.0 specifications. We’re talking about 32 Gigatransfers per second (GT/s) vs. 16GT/s, with an aggregate x16 link duplex bandwidth of almost 128 Gigabytes per second (GB/s). This speed boost is needed […]

Hardware Root of Trust: Everything you need to know

Last updated on: July 13, 2023 A root of trust is the security foundation for an SoC, other semiconductor device or electronic system. However, its meaning differs depending on who you ask. For example, the hardware root of trust contains the keys for cryptographic functions and is usually a part of the secure boot process […]

HBM Controller IP

HBM Controller IP Delivering ultra high-bandwidth, low-latency memory performance Contact Us HBM Memory Controller IP Rambus High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) 3E/3 and 2E/2 controller IP provide high-bandwidth, low-latency memory performance for AI/ML, graphics and HPC applications.  Secure Site Login Explore ProductsHBM ControllerHBM Memory Subsystem Version Maximum Data Rate (Gb/s) Controller HBM3E / HBM3 9.6 Product Brief […]

LPDDR Memory Controller IP

LPDDR Memory Controller IP Delivering power-efficient, high-bandwidth memory performance Contact Us LPDDR Memory Controller IP Rambus LPDDR5T/5X/5 and LPDDR4X/4 digital controllers deliver high memory bandwidth and throughput for low power applications including mobile, automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), laptop PCs and edge networking devices. Secure Site Login Version Maximum Data Rate (Gbps) Controller LPDDR5T/5X/5 9.6 […]

GDDR Memory Controller IP

GDDR Memory Controller IP Delivering outstanding memory performance Contact Us GDDR Memory Controller IP Rambus GDDR6 and GDDR7 controllers provide high-bandwidth, low-latency memory performance for AI/ML, graphics and HPC applications. Secure Site Login Explore ProductsGDDR Controller GDDR Memory Subsystem Version Maximum Data Rate (Gb/s) Controller GDDR7 40 Product Brief GDDR6 24 Product Brief GDDR6 and […]

Accelerating AI/ML applications in the data center with HBM3

Semiconductor Engineering Editor in Chief Ed Sperling recently spoke with Frank Ferro, Senior Director of Product Management at Rambus, about accelerating AI/ML applications in the data center with HBM3. Introduced by JEDEC in early 2022, the latest iteration of the high bandwidth memory standard increases the per-pin data rate to 6.4 Gigabits per second (Gb/s), […]

AI Accelerates HBM Momentum

In a recent EE Times article, Gary Hilson notes that high bandwidth memory (HBM) deployments are becoming more mainstream due to the massive growth and diversity in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. “HBM is [now] less than niche. It’s even become less expensive, but it’s still a premium memory and requires expertise to implement,” writes Hilson. […]

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