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Satisfying the Need for Speed with Silicon IP

Across a broad spectrum of applications spanning automotive, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), network edge, and data center, there is a common need to move more data faster. Incredible advances in processing have pushed the bandwidth bottleneck from the core, to the memory and chip-to-chip interfaces at the SoC boundary. Rambus SerDes and memory IP close that gap delivering the performance needed by the most demanding applications to move the data at blinding fast speeds.

行业领先的内存 PHY 解决方案可降低功耗、提高数据速率并改善成本效益

高性能 SerDes PHY 解决方案针对功耗和面积进行了优化,支持各种应用

Northwest Logic 经过硅验证的高性能数字 IP 控制器核心

Going Beyond GPUs with GDDR6

配有 GDDR6 的 Going Beyond GPU

在 Micron Technology、SK Hynix 和 Samsung 的支持下,GDDR6 SGRAM 的最大数据传输速率将达到 16 Gbps,工作电压为 1.35V。相比上一代图像处理内存,GDDR6 的密度更高。此外,GDDR6 的速度比 GDDR5 (12–16 Gb/s) 提高了一倍,是 DDR4 (3.2 Gb/s) 的 5 倍以上。尽管最初面向游戏机和计算机图像处理,但最新版的 GDDR 预计可以跨多个行业部署,其中 Micron 尤其侧重于数据中心和汽车领域。





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