The vision of the Internet of Things depends upon data – data that constantly surrounds us – not just to measure and track, but to analyze, predict and act upon. Through the effective use of data, the billions of connected devices in the world around us are all capable of achieving extraordinary things. In order to progress to this interconnected digital world of smart objects and environments, we need to be able to capture, secure and move these massive amounts of data.

Capture. Secure. Move. How Rambus Sees the Future

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Smart sensors are essential to the Internet of Things becoming a reality. In order for the objects and machines around us to adapt and anticipate our changing needs, they must be able to gather and act upon relevant data from their surroundings quickly and cost-effectively. Through our work in computational sensing and imaging, we have pioneered new image sensor technologies and emerging solutions to enable breakthrough performance, tiny form factors and ultra-low power.

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As more sensitive and valuable data is captured and communicated across interconnected devices, robust security becomes paramount. Simple, but effective security embedded at the hardware-level, combined with flexible digital asset management services, can turn the Internet of things into the Internet of trusted things. Our Cryptography Research division has developed fundamental techniques, hardware- and software-based solutions, and complete platforms that provide foundational device security, remote feature provisioning and end-to-end lifecycle solutions.

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The method through which data is processed and communicated is going to be foundational to a functional infrastructure for the billions of connected devices in the IoT. Specifically, memory interfaces and new memory architectures to optimize power consumption and manage the trade-offs of local versus cloud-based data analysis and processing will be of growing importance for connected endpoints, mobile devices and enterprise systems alike. Throughout our 25 year history, we have specialized in delivering data to chips and memory quickly and efficiently with our memory and serial link interfaces and chips.