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Rambus Partner Program

ASIC Designers

Expert guidance from Rambus on our leading-edge solutions enables ASIC designers to address the increasingly demanding price, performance, and area requirements specified by their customers.

Through joint development and go-to-market opportunities, ASIC designers can have access to new technology that results in differentiated customer solutions.


Our IP cores enable foundries to rapidly and cost-effectively utilize our technologies, while our system-aware design methodology simplifies SoC integration, improves yields, and reduces scheduling risks.

Strategic joint marketing and simplified business terms enable our mutual customers to easily access and adopt our silicon-proven IP to reduce costs and speed time to revenue.

IP Developers

Close collaboration between Rambus and developers of complementary IP ensures full interoperability of IP blocks.

Rambus and its partners actively promote the bundled solution and have the opportunity to create new IP blocks that result in differentiated solutions for our customers.

Developers create cores and software library solutions incorporating our patented DPA countermeasures.

Partnerships enable preferred access to Rambus DPA licensees and close engagement with world-class cryptography engineers at Rambus.

Integrated partners provide access to best-in-class DPA resistance analysis tools, IP cores, and DPA analysis services across a range of industries and applications

Full system verification, design assessments, and secure technology integration enable world-class DPA resistance for our customers

EDA Companies

Seamless integration of Rambus memory and security productivity tools into solutions offered by EDA partners enable customers to simplify and accelerate design, testing, and performance verification

Dedicated technical support from Rambus and co-branding strategies enable our partners to differentiate themselves and enhance their position as a preferred provider of EDA solutions

Validation Labs

Best-in-class evaluation laboratories provide consistent, high-quality testing against SPA and DPA attacks.

Partner labs access best-in-class cryptography technologypredictive SPA and DPA testing methodologies, and world-class engineering talent.

SoC Partners

SoC partners integrate our CryptoFirewall™ Core into chips that are incorporated into set top boxes, smart TVs, and other devices

Seamless integration of these cores provides differentiated solutions that address the growing concern over video content theft and counterfeiting

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