Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion @ Rambus

Let’s Leverage Strength in Differences at Rambus

Rambus is committed to cultivating a culture where we actively seek to understand, respect, and celebrate the complex and rich identities of ourselves and others. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives are geared towards valuing the differences in backgrounds, experiences, and thoughts at Rambus to help enhance collaboration, teamwork, engagement, and innovation. At Rambus, we believe that we can be the best when every member of our organization feels respected, included, and heard.



Creating awareness is one of the main pillars of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Rambus. It helps employees gain a deeper understanding of the many benefits of an inclusive culture and setting a positive example for treating everyone with respect. At Rambus, we have a number of initiatives to provide and practice this knowledge through training programs driven by the DEI Team.


By creating a diverse workforce, we can achieve a common goal despite different backgrounds and experiences. To assist us with expanding our diversity outreach efforts, Rambus has partnered with several minority group job boards to attract a broad candidate pool. At Rambus, conscious hiring for minority groups is encouraged and incentivized to promote a positive and diverse culture.

hiring at Rambus
retention at Rambus


“Strength lies in differences, not similarities.” – Stephen R. Covey, Author. Another important pillar of diversity initiatives at Rambus is to retain the talent we already have. Towards this, we have programs to motivate and engage our minority groups through mentorship and training programs. We value our differences and have developed tools to encourage inclusion for our minority groups.

Community Outreach

At Rambus, we work towards helping the communities where our team members live by partnering and volunteering with philanthropic organizations. Our focus is on elevating underprivileged and minority groups through STEM education, basic human needs, and equitable opportunities.

Community outreach at Rambus

Diverse teams built around differing perspectives, experiences and skill sets, fuel creativity and innovation.

We are actively seeking and recruiting diverse candidates for positions at the company.

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