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Optimizing Capacity, Connectivity and Security of the Cloud

At Rambus, we develop products that move and protect the world’s most valuable resource: data. Data enables businesses to better understand and serve their customers. Faster access to data enables real-time action to insights. Protecting this data is mission critical in our interconnected world.

Rambus makes data centers and networks better by accelerating and safeguarding the movement and delivery of data. We provide high-speed interfaces, security cores and chips that optimize the capacity, connectivity and security of the cloud.

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Real-time Insights with Faster Data

The cloud has positively altered the fundamental nature of computing and how business gets done. AI, machine learning and business analytics drive exponential growth in the quantity of data that hyperscale data centers and enterprise systems process, move and store. This torrent of data, combined with the world’s growing appetite for real-time information, puts tremendous performance demands on the servers and network devices of the cloud. We develop industry-leading memory and SerDes IP cores and memory interface chips for the most challenging system applications, pushing the boundaries of performance for next-generation data centers and networks.

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Safeguarding the Most Valuable Resource: Data

Given the immense value of the data streams coursing through them, it’s no surprise that data centers are constantly under attack. To make matters worse, the severity and sophistication of security attacks grows year by year. Safeguarding this precious data requires a multi-tiered approach with security-by-design embodied at every level of data center infrastructure and systems.

At Rambus, we’ve developed robust hardware-based security solutions that safeguard the SoCs at the heart of data center servers, storage and network equipment. With secure silicon IP and services, Rambus is at the forefront of protecting the world’s most valuable resource: data.

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High Speed Memory Interface Chipsets Let Server Performance Fly

The demands on server performance continue to increase at a tremendous pace. New requirements from large in-memory databases that are powering today’s cloud services and advanced analytics tools are arriving just as the impact of Moore’s Law is starting to slow. One key new opportunity is for high-speed server memory interface chipsets, which enable high-speed memory performance without compromising on memory capacities. Companies looking to optimize their server memory architecture designs, and improve their overall server performance and reliability, should give serious consideration to optimized DDR4 memory interface chipsets, which enhance the performance of server memory modules.

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