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Data Center & Networking

The exponential rise in the volume and the value of data drives an unrelenting need for greater computing power in data centers. Key to unleashing the power of multi-core processors and accelerators is greater memory bandwidth and capacity, and faster interconnects between devices.

Advancing Data Center Performance and Security

Our chip and silicon IP solutions deliver the performance and security needed at data center scale for demanding workloads like generative AI.

Providing memory bandwidth and capacity for multi-core processors

Enabling accelerators with fast interconnect and memory interfaces

Protecting devices and data with security anchored in hardware

Memory Performance

Our memory interface chips provide the performance needed by today’s most advanced servers and generations to come. Rambus CXL solutions take memory capacity and bandwidth to the next level with new memory tiers.

Memory Interface Chips

Rambus drives the continued evolution of main memory with advanced DDR5 chip set solutions for server RDIMMs. 

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CXL Memory Initiative

New memory tiers enabled by CXL interconnects will further expand available server memory bandwidth and capacity for next-generation workloads. 

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Accelerated Computing

Our cutting-edge, silicon-proven interconnect and memory interface IP are the key to enabling advanced accelerators.

Interconnect IP

Our high-performance PCIe and CXL interconnect IP enables communication between devices and systems at speeds up to 64 GT/s. 

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Memory IP

Our high-bandwidth memory IP solutions include the industry’s fastest HBM3 and GDDR6 memory interface subsystems.

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Hardware & Data Security

With the industry’s broadest portfolio of hardware security IP, our solutions protect devices and valuable data assets at all stages of the semiconductor lifecycle.

Root of Trust IP

Protecting data at rest and providing the foundation for securing hardware with a range of fully programmable Root of Trust IP.

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Inline Memory Encryption IP

Protecting data in use between hosts and attached memory with inline memory encryption and inline cipher engines.

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Security Protocol Engine IP

Protecting data in motion with secure protocol-aware engines for MACsec, IPsec and TLS.

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