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Software Protocols and Crypto Toolkits

Rambus software secure toolkits feature a complete range of capabilities that secure your communications as well as offer cryptographic services that are FIPS certified or protected against side channel attacks. The Security Protocol Toolkits provide high interoperability and portability for use in security gateways, cloud deployments, smartphones and IoT devices. They include full features implementations of key exchange protocols, as well as the datapath with all required cipher libraries.

Cloud IPsec ToolkitComplete software stacks to build scalable IPsec VPN gateways from the cloud to local servers/firewalls and client devices. Optimized packages for virtual cloud deployments.
Secure Communication ToolkitsNetwork services security protocol toolkits for each layer of the ISO model: MACsec, IPsec, TLS/SSL.
IoT Security FrameworkClient device Toolkits for developers to add security to edge, undustrial, home gateway and IoT applications. A portfolio of products that protects your system boot process and offers certified and/or performance optimized, quantifiable side channel resistant security for embedded software systems.
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Superior Security

Provide a robust hardware foundation for security

Protect valuable secret keys, credentials and transfer your data securely

Adapt to an evolving threat environment

Design Flexibility

Select a solution tailored to specific application needs

Fixed architectures for cloud, high-end server and client devices

FIPS-certified crypto and DPA protection capabilities

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Improve Profitability

Eliminate compatibility issues

Eliminate costs of compromised devices

Offer new services through upgrades