FIPS TLS Toolkit

The Rambus FIPS TLS Toolkit is a TLS protocol implementation in C language with minimalistic system dependencies, making it easily portable on any platform. Rambus’ FIPS TLS Toolkit powers millions of products ranging from embedded devices with lightweight capabilities to high-end network equipment.

How the FIPS TLS Toolkit works

The FIPS TLS Toolkit provides secure connectivity to devices with a small memory footprint. It has evolved to also serve networking devices requiring the highest levels of performance. FIPS TLS Toolkit is a lean and efficient C source code SDK that is easy to integrate, and is the SDK to replace RSA BSAFE or OpenSSL.

With clear and well documented source code, integration is faster and smoother than alternatives. Further simplifying and accelerating integration, Rambus offers developer-level support. 

FIPS TLS Toolkit is offered with a state-of-the-art FIPS 140-2  or FIPS 140-3 validated crypto modules, as part of the Rambus FIPS Crypto Library.

Solution Offerings

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