Security IP

Protecting data at rest, in use and in motion with hardware security

Hardware security provides the foundation for securing data at all stages of the semiconductor lifecycle. Rambus leads the industry with the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art silicon-proven hardware security IP solutions.

Rambus Security IP protects hardware and data at rest, in motion and in use for a broad range of applications from data center to IoT. Rambus offers certified security IP solutions tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of industry and government standards. Rambus’ industry-leading secure provisioning infrastructure and services protect supply chains and over two billion chips and devices per year.

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Root of Trust IP

Rambus Root of Trust IP provides the foundation for securing SoC hardware and data at rest. Solutions range from programmable secure co-processors with Quantum Safe Cryptography to highly compact, firmware-controlled designs. FIPS 140 CMVP and ISO 26262 options are available for government and automotive applications.

Quantum Safe Cryptography IP

The Rambus family of Quantum Safe IP solutions secures data and hardware against quantum computer attacks using NIST and CNSA selected algorithms. Options include Quantum Safe Root of Trust and standalone Quantum Safe Engine products.

Inline Memory Encryption IP

Rambus inline memory encryption and inline cipher engines protect data in use between hosts and attached memory. Solutions provide memory encryption at ultra-low latency with scalability to any DDR speed. DPA protection and Data Path Integrity options are available.

Security Protocol Engine IP

The Rambus family of secure protocol-aware high-throughput data plane processing engines protect data in motion. Offerings include layer 2 MACsec link encryption, layer 3 IPsec processing and layer 4 TLS packet processing. Full functional software stack toolkits are also offered for data plane and control plane implementations.

DPA and FIA Countermeasures

Rambus DPA countermeasure solutions protect SoC devices from power analysis and related side-channel attacks. FIA protected cores that maintain DPA resistance are also available. A full suite of supporting tools, training and services for DPA countermeasures are offered.

Crypto Accelerator IP

Rambus crypto accelerator cores enable faster cryptographic processing in SoC devices with a portfolio of ciphers and integrity algorithms, true random number generators and quantum safe encryption. A broad portfolio of DPA and FIA protected versions are available. Certified FIPS 140 CAVP, as well as Common Criteria-EAL4+ cores, target government and other high-security applications.

Anti-Counterfeiting IP

Rambus hardware-based anti-counterfeiting solutions safeguard valuable intellectual property through content security and product authentication.

Security Software Protocols and Toolkits

Rambus security software toolkits and libraries feature a complete range of capabilities that secure communications and offer cryptographic services that are FIPS-certified or protected against side channel attacks. Solutions provide high interoperability and portability for applications from cloud deployments to IoT devices.

Provisioning and Key Management

Rambus secure provisioning and cloud key management solutions protect the silicon supply chain through secure key insertion and cloud-based key management services. These secure provisioning solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into (untrusted) existing silicon manufacturing flows.

Protecting Data and Devices Now and in the Quantum Computing Era

Download Protecting Data and Devices Now and in the Quantum Computing Era

Quantum computing is being pursued across industry, government and academia with tremendous energy and is set to become a reality in the not-so-distant future. Once sufficiently large quantum computers exist, traditional asymmetric cryptographic methods for key exchange and digital signatures will be broken. Many initiatives have been launched throughout the world to develop and deploy new quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms, known as Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).


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