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Hardware-based solutions providing protection of valuable intellectual property and products from counterfeiters and competitors.

OfferingProduct BriefApplications
Verifier CoreDownload Verifier Core Product BriefElectronics, Printers
Consumable CoreDownload Consumable Core Product BriefInk/Toner, Accessories
Circuit Camouflage TechnologyDownload Circuit Camouflage Technology Product BrochureGovernment, AI, Data Center, Automotive, Edge, IoT
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Superior Security

Provides highest level of security for anti-counterfeiting

Keeps designs secret from competitors and counterfeiters

Protects IP against state-of-the-art attacks

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Improve Profitability

Reduces revenue loss to counterfeiters

Simplifies device validation to improve time-to-market

Significantly extends the secure life of products


High Flexibility

Uses standard design flows

Integrates with standard manufacturing processes

Supports a wide array of applications

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