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CryptoFirewall Cores

Providing superior security and tamper resistance, while being highly-cost effective. Our cores complement existing security implementations, and are ideal for preventing counterfeiting in a broad number of applications.


Solution Overview

Verifier Core
Electronics, Printers
Consumable Core
Ink/Toner, Accessories

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Superior Security

Highest level of security for anti-counterfeiting

Independent hardware core maintains security even if other parts of the chip are compromised

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Improved Profitability

Reduce revenue lost to unauthorized access and counterfeits

Simplifies device validation to improve time-to-market


High Flexibility

Compatible with standard manufacturing processes

Support for a wide array of applications and are easily integrated into existing and new designs

CryptoFirewall Cores

Designed to prevent tampering, the hardware-based CryptoFirewall security core minimizes the risk of security failure and helps simplify product development. Comprising a security boundary inside a chip, the core stores private keys and maintains security – even if the rest of the system is compromised. CryptoFirewall solutions complement existing security implementations and are ideal for a wide range of applications, including electronic devices, printers and ink toners.

CryptoFirewall Core block diagram

The CryptoFirewall Verifier core delivers anti-counterfeiting protection for a plethora of connected devices, including mobile phones and tablets, medical devices, printers, batteries and automotive components. It can be used in conjunction with the CryptoFirewall Consumable core to significantly reduce counterfeiting business risk for mass-market consumables and peripherals.

The CryptoFirewall Consumable Core is a tamper-resistant security core that can be integrated into existing chips, or implemented as a discrete security chip on consumables for unsurpassed protection against counterfeiting. It is a cost-effective and robust security solution that helps prevent counterfeiting of mass-market consumables and peripherals including mobile accessories, medical devices, printer supplies, batteries and automotive components.

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