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Enabling an economy of digital trust

From smart phones to smart sensors, our lives are becoming increasingly centered around the mobile and connected devices that simplify and enhance our daily tasks. However, as connectivity and flow of valuable data increases, so does the exposure to malicious attacks such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) or data theft. At Rambus, we specialize in chip-to-cloud-to-crowd trust, because consumers want to confidently engage in new ways of buying, traveling, watching and interacting – all on the mobile edge. From embedded security to smart ticketing to mobile payments, Rambus has a suite of solutions to not only enable the technologies that make your life easier, but to secure them as well.

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Creating a seamless travel experience

Whether it is skipping the line at the ticket vending machine, eliminating the need to carry a physical ticket, or the ability to use a smart phone to simply pass through a gate at a station, smart ticketing technology has the ability to enhance almost every aspect of the transport experience. Utilizing our Host Card Emulation (HCE) Ticket Wallet Service and App, Remote Ticket Download (RTD), and other digital transportation technologies, we enable travel operators to reduce the inefficiencies, complexities, and cost while increasing revenue and security in an easy-to-implement platform.
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Enabling simple and open NFC payment schemes

NFC payments and mobile wallets have forever changed the way that mobile payments are made. Our payments technologies, such as Host Card Emulation (HCE), Token Service Provider (TSP), and Token Gateway, are specifically positioned to help financial institutions easily and quickly implement payment schemes to speed value growth. These technologies not only create a better user experience for customers and allow institutions to create their own branded mobile wallets, but also provide a robust and easy to implement and secure tokenization payment scheme.
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Providing robust mobile device security

Today’s mobile devices are full of valuable and personal information – information that needs to be secured. Robust security starts with the design of the SoC and continues with the manufacturing supply chain. By building security into the DNA of each connected device, our DPA Resistant Cores and CryptoManager platform embed a hardware root-of-trust into the SoC to enable not only key provisioning and authentication, but secure configuration and remote feature enablement throughout the devices life cycle.