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Catching a tidal wave of data

The rise of 5G, an explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices and emerging applications like autonomous vehicles generate huge increases in data traffic. Processing this torrent of data, at faster speeds, and in real-time, will drive rapid growth at the network edge. By bringing data processing as close to the source as possible, edge computing speeds apps, reduces latency and improves customer experiences. Given the ties to privacy and property, the security of data flows is paramount. Rambus silicon IP solutions unleash the full power of edge devices and ensure the data they handle remains secure.
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Speeding data streams

High-speed interconnects create the data highway for the high-speed communications between edge devices, end points and the data centers at the core. Rambus state-of-the-art memory interface IP and chips enable high performance data transfer to keep real-time app processing humming. We offer a broad range of flexible solutions for SoC and system designers building the next generation of edge devices.

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Providing robust device security

Edge devices handle data of great value to consumers and businesses. Safeguarding the precious data processed and communicated by edge devices requires a multi-tiered approach and a security-by-design philosophy. The CryptoManager Root of Trust can be embedded as a secure processing core alongside the main CPU to provide robust edge device security, while CryptoManager infrastructure manages the provisioning and management of cryptographic keys at the time of manufacture and in the field.

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