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Security Protocol Engines

Securing your network without altering traffic, Rambus offers complete inline solutions that seamlessly integrate with your network interface and look-aside engines. Our inline memory encryption engines secure memory transactions between hosts and attached memory at high throughput with low latency.

Solution Description
MACsec Engines A family of MACsec IP and a MACsec software toolkit that offer a complete solution for switches, routers and other networking devices.
IPsec & TLS Engines Accelerating IPsec, MACsec, SSL/TLS/DTLS, sRTP and basic hash-crypto operations at speeds from 100 Mbps up to 800 Gbps.
MACsec Fundamentals White Paper

MACsec Fundamentals

For end-to-end security of data, it must be secured both when at rest (stored on a connected device) and when in motion (communicated between connected devices). For data at rest, a hardware root of trust anchored in silicon provides that foundation upon which all device security is built. Similarly, MACsec security anchored in hardware at the foundational communication layer (Layer 2) provides that basis of trust for data in motion over Ethernet-based networks.
Secure Networking Basics cover

Secure Networking Basics: MACsec, IPsec, and SSL/TLS/DTLS

The MACsec, IPsec and SSL/TLS/DTLS protocols are the primary means of securing data in motion (communicated between connected devices). These protocols can be anchored in hardware or implemented in software as part of an end-to-end security architecture. This white paper provides fundamental information on each of these protocols including their interrelationships and use cases.