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Improvement is our mantra. The world wants faster, we make faster. The world demands safer, we make safer. The world needs easier, we make easier. The world wants better and, at Rambus, we deliver better.

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The world’s data. Delivered.

Leveraging over 25 years of high-speed design expertise to deliver high-performance, low power memory and serial link interface chips and IP for enterprise and mobile systems.

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The world’s data. Secured.

Providing a secure foundation for the connected world with hardware- and software-based security solutions for media storage and delivery, anti-counterfeiting and connected devices.


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Illuminating the world.

Combining the power of LEDs with truly innovative optics and light-guide technology to create beautiful fixtures with remarkable efficiency and control of light.


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The world’s data. Reimagined.

Translating extraordinary theory into everyday reality by creating exciting new ways to capture and interpret the world of data around us.

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We make the products and solutions that make the world’s technology work better. From the spark of an idea to the launch of a product, we are dedicated to turning incredible possibilities into everyday realities.