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Vehicle systems and the semiconductors used within them represent some of today’s most complex electronics. In the drive to autonomous vehicles, increasingly sophisticated electronic systems are being developed for powertrain and vehicle dynamics, advanced driver assistance systems, vehicle-to-everything connectivity, infotainment, and in-vehicle experience. In addition to higher levels of performance, these systems must meet automotive functional safety requirements as specified by ISO 26262.

Delivering Automotive-grade Performance & Security

Our solutions deliver the performance and security needed by automotive electronics to ensure state-of-the-art functionality and reliably safe operation. Our industry-leading security and interface IP solutions make possible powerful, fast and secure automotive electronics.

Providing robust security of ECUs and secure transmission of data over automotive networks

Establishing identity, authenticity and traceability of automotive chips over their useful lifetime

Delivering high-speed connectivity between sensors, host processors and displays

Hardware & Data Security

Our state-of-the-art security IP solutions protect automotive ECUs and chips from cyberattacks and tampering. Rambus MACsec protocol engines safeguard the data transported over automotive Ethernet networks.

Embedded Hardware Security Modules 

ISO 26262 ASIL-B/D embedded HSMs protect against hardware and software attacks with advanced anti-tamper and security protections.

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MACsec Protocol Engines

ISO 26262 ASIL-B embedded hardware protocol engines provide line-rate protection of data coursing over an automotive network from cyberattacks.

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Chip Identity & Authenticity

Our provisioning and key management solutions secure the automotive supply chain and ensure the authenticity of automotive components.

CryptoManager Chip and Device Provisioning

We offer secure supply chain solutions for automotive chip and device manufacturers that enable secure key insertion and establish unique identity of automotive components.

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CryptoManager Device Key Management

Our cloud-based platform enables automotive customers to deploy key management services to manage chips and devices over the entire product lifecycle. 

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High-bandwidth Networking

Our high-performance MIPI CSI-2 solutions provide the bandwidth needed by the increasingly powerful array of cameras, lidar and radar sensors used to build the digital twin of the environment surrounding the vehicle. Our MIPI DSI-2 solutions deliver the high-resolution video streams for the growing number of displays used for navigation and infotainment.

MIPI CSI-2 Controllers

Using ISO 26262 certified design processes, MIPI CSI-2 controllers provide high-bandwidth links between sensors and host processors.

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MIPI DSI-2 Controllers

Silicon-proven, high-performance MIPI DSI-2 controllers provide high-performance connectivity between host processors and displays.

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