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MACsec Engines

Secure networks without altering traffic with a family of complete MACsec security IP solutions. The MACsec engines support networking devices for data centers, 5G, enterprise networks, home gateways and more. 

SolutionProduct BrochureDescription
MACsec-IP-160Accelerate MACsec up to 100 Gbps. Serves single channel Ethernet designs. Supports all IEEE MACsec requirements
MACsec-IP-163/164Download Inside Secure MACsec-IP-163/164 Product BrochureAccelerate MACsec up to 500 Gbps. Serves multi-channel, time sliced Ethernet designs, including FlexEthernet. Supports all IEEE MACsec and ClearTags requirements.
MACsec-IP-165Accelerate MACsec up to 100 Gbps. Serves single channel PHY designs. Supports all IEEE MACsec requirements
MACsec ToolkitEnables developers to quickly add complete MACsec support in network devices. Includes full C source code implementation of the control plane, especially the MACsec Key Agreement (MKA) protocol
CryptoManager Root of Trust Cover

The CryptoManager Root of Trust

Built around a custom RISC-V CPU, the Rambus CryptoManager Root of Trust (CMRT) is at the forefront of a new category of programmable hardware-based security cores. Siloed from the primary processor, it is designed to securely run sensitive code, processes and algorithms. More specifically, the CMRT provides the primary processor with a full suite of security services, such as secure boot and runtime integrity, remote attestation and broad crypto acceleration for symmetric and asymmetric algorithms.

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