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By unleashing the intellectual power of some of the best engineers and scientists in the world, we look into the future of technology and shape tomorrow’s high-growth markets. Our inventors bring a broad range of academic backgrounds and a diversity of passions from neuroscience to automated lighting optics. Together we are finding new ways to cross-pollinate inventions from diverse markets and create breakthrough innovations.

Scott Best
Scott BestMemory architectures, 3D packaging, Security Processors
Elke DeMulder
Elke DeMulderElectromagnetic Analysis, Electrical Engineering
Paul Kocher
Paul KocherCryptographic Applications and Protocols
David G. Stork
David G. StorkComputational Sensing and Imaging
Thomas Vogelsang
Thomas VogelsangComputational Sensing and Imaging
Steven Woo
Steven WooComputer Architecture, Memory Systems, Performance Analysis and Parallel Programming