Paul Kocher

Security Technology Advisor

Research Areas: Cryptographic Applications and Protocols

Paul Kocher has gained an international reputation for his research and innovative designs in cryptography. An active contributor to major conferences and leading security initiatives, Paul has designed numerous cryptographic applications and protocols which are successfully deployed in real world systems. His accomplishments include discovering timing attacks and Differential Power Analysis (including techniques for preventing against these vulnerabilities), helping author the widely used SSL 3.0 standard, and leading the design of the record breaking DES Key Search machine. He has recently focused on developing anti-piracy technologies for securing digital content. Paul was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2009.

Paul founded Cryptography Research and leads the company as its President & Chief Scientist. He previously held positions at RSA Security and was a founding member of Valicert, Inc. (now Tumbleweed). He holds a B.S. degree from Stanford University. In 2014, Paul was inducted into the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame.

Watch Paul Kocher, Chief Scientist of Rambus Cryptography Research, discuss the importance of defending against differential power analysis attacks.
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