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Satisfying the Need for Speed with Silicon IP

Across a broad spectrum of applications spanning automotive, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), network edge, and data center, there is a common need to move more data faster. Incredible advances in processing have pushed the bandwidth bottleneck from the core, to the memory and chip-to-chip interfaces at the SoC boundary. Rambus SerDes and memory IP close that gap delivering the performance needed by the most demanding applications to move the data at blinding fast speeds.

Industry leading memory PHY solutions reduce power, increase data rates and improve cost effectiveness

High-performance SerDes PHY solutions optimized for power and area, support a wide range of applications

Silicon-proven, high-performance digital IP controller cores from Northwest Logic

Data Center to End Device: AI/ML Inferencing with GDDR6 cover

From Data Center to End Device: AI/ML Inferencing with GDDR6

Created to support 3D gaming on consoles and PCs, GDDR packs performance that makes it an ideal solution for AI/ML inferencing. As inferencing migrates from the heart of the data center to the network edge, and ultimately to a broad range of AI-powered IoT devices, GDDR memory’s combination of high bandwidth, low latency, power efficiency and suitability for high-volume applications will be increasingly important. The latest iteration of the standard, GDDR6 memory, pushes data rates to 18 gigabits per second and device bandwidths to 72 gigabytes per second.