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Root of Trust Solutions

Providing a hardware-based foundation for security, Rambus offers a catalog of robust Root of Trust solutions, ranging from richly featured military-grade co-processors to highly compact state machines. With a breadth of solutions applicable from the data center to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Rambus has a Root of Trust solution for almost every application.
SolutionProduct BriefDescription
CryptoManager Root of TrustDownload Root of Trust Product BriefFully programmable secure execution environment for AI/ML, data center, automotive and government applications
VaultIP Root of TrustFixed-function, lightweight solution for IoT and edge applications
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Superior Security

Provide a robust hardware foundation for security

Protect valuable secret keys, credentials and other sensitive data

Adapt to an evolving threat environment

Design Flexibility

Select a solution tailored to specific application needs

Programmable and fixed function architectures

Varying crypto and DPA protection capabilities

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Improve Profitability

Reduce NRE and operating costs

Eliminate costs of compromised devices

Offer new services through programmability

Provisioning and Device Key Management

As a complement to our Root of Trust solutions, Rambus offers secure silicon and device provisioning that can seamlessly integrate into existing manufacturing flows. With over 60 customers, Rambus provisioning and key management solutions secure billions of devices annually. Learn more here.

The Road to Post Quantum Cryptography cover

The Road to Post Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computing offers the promise of tremendous leaps in processing power over current digital computers. But for the public-key cryptography algorithms used today for e-commerce, mobile payments, media streaming, digital signatures and more, quantum computing represents an existential event. Quantum computers may be able to break the widely used RSA and ECC (Elliptic-Curve Cryptography) algorithms in as little as days. Work on Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) is well under way, but implementation will come with its own set of challenges. Rambus has solutions and recommendations to ready customers for a post-quantum world.