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Making IoT Data Safe & Fast

The dramatic rise in the number of IoT devices makes possible a wide range of tailored services for convenience and empowerment in our increasingly complex connected world. The sensitive information moving through these devices needs to be secured as it provides insights and access to our lives. At Rambus, we create products and services that secure data and provide better, faster communications between IoT devices enabling applications and services which improve our lives.
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Safeguarding Private Data

The connectedness of IoT devices gives rise to great value for consumers and businesses. But this very interconnected nature increases vulnerability to malicious attacks. Safeguarding the precious data collected and communicated by IoT devices requires a multi-tiered approach and a security-by-design philosophy. At Rambus, we’ve developed robust hardware-based security solutions that safeguard the SoCs at the heart of IoT devices.
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Fast and Reliable Device Communications

High-speed interconnects are the connecting highway for the internal communications of IoT devices. From video cameras to smart home controllers memory interfaces allow high performance data transfer to keep real time access and updates. Our memory interface IP Cores offer a broad range of flexible solutions for SoC and OEM device designers.

IoT Threats & Countermeasures

Our homes are getting smarter thanks to a bounty of AI-powered IoT devices. But unsecured, these same devices can be turned against us by unscrupulous parties. The consequences of cyberattacks include loss of privacy, identity theft and property damage. Rambus security solutions safeguard the chips that power IoT devices keeping our homes smart and safe.
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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems are improving service delivery and increasing productivity across a broad range of industries from manufacturing to health care. Unfortunately, great value creation plus connectivity invites cyber threats including man-in-the-middle attacks, device hijacking and distributed denial of service attacks. Rambus offers a broad portfolio of security solutions that can safeguard the IIoT devices that are an increasingly vital part of modern life.
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Smart cities increase the productivity and quality of life of millions around the globe. But the ‘things’ which make smart cities smart can be exploited by malicious actors for attacks on privacy and property. Securing the billions of connected devices powering our smart cities is of critical importance. Check out the Rambus security solutions that can safeguard these devices and keep our cities smart and safe.
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