Corporate Overview

Rambus Product Lines

Invention is the heart of Rambus.

From inventing the seeds of new technologies to fully developing products, Rambus is a collaborative, entrepreneurial company that helps its customers and partners succeed. We are futuristic technologists who bring invention to market from architectural licensing, to the creation of products and services.

We create a culture for genius and out-of-the-box thinking to flourish.

Our entrepreneurial spirit helps unleash the intellectual power of some of the best engineers and scientists in the world. We develop creative and innovative solutions that solve the challenges facing our customers and partners today, enabling tomorrow’s next best invention.

These fresh solutions not only help our customers succeed, but also enrich the experiences for those who rely on technology throughout the ecosystem.

Technology that we developed a decade ago is at the core of today's cutting-edge new industry standards. We imagine how the future will look, armed with the technology we develop today.

Over the years, as consumers have became more digitally connected and integrated with their devices, we‘ve also become more integrated with technology, expanding our sphere of excellence beyond our core expertise in semiconductor main memory and security. So while we’re best known for creating unsurpassed memory architectures and hardware-based security solutions, we are also developing world-changing products and services in adjacent markets such as advanced LED lighting.

For instance we are:

  • Developing memory systems for the next generation of smartphones and tablets
  • Delivering advanced security solutions for cloud computing and mobile devices
  • Unveiling breakthrough computational imaging technologies that significantly improve image quality on today’s consumer electronics and provide critical sensor inputs for future smart devices
  • Developing advanced new energy-saving LED lighting products
  • Rolling out a breakthrough Ultra-Fast Power-On memory system that will deliver significant energy savings for data centers and mimic the efficiency of a hybrid car


This is just the beginning. We will continue to develop breakout products and services in a collaborative, synergistic way with our customers and partners, while continuing to look far into the future to solve the difficult technology challenges of tomorrow.


Corporate Fact Sheet

  • Rambus is the innovative technology solutions company that brings invention to market. Download the corporate fact sheet for a brief company overview.
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