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LED Lamp Designs

Innovative new lamp designs that deliver the light output of a traditional bulb with the energy efficiency, durability and reliability of advanced LED and optical technology.


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High Efficiency

More light on target

Reduced energy cost

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Broad Dimmer Compatibility

Dimmable down to 10%

Operates with broad range of incandescent dimmers

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In-lamp Color Temperature Change

Adjustable from warm (3000K) to cool (5000K)

Easy manual adjustment

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Superior Reliability

Innovative thermal design extends the life of LEDs

Durable light-guide based design

LED Lamp Designs

Capable of lasting up to 25,000 hours and operating at a fraction of the power of traditional lamps, our high-quality lamp designs meet and exceed the energy and environmental requirements of many of today’s indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

We combined TruEdge™ LED Coupling – techniques to maximize the amount of light emitted from the LED to the light guide – with MicroLens® optics – tiny 3D features that control how the light comes out of the light guide – to create highly-efficient and cost-effective LED lamp designs.

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What’s Included

Our lamps are available through an architecture license that provides access to our groundbreaking IP and complete reference designs, enabling our customers to develop highly efficient designs quickly and easily.


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