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Light Guides for LED Luminaires

Our innovative LED light guides with MicroLens optics deliver superior lighting control while creating a thin and modern luminaire aesthetic across a broad range of product applications and markets.


Solution Overview

Light Guide Solution Description
Custom Products Ultimate design flexibility for unique luminaire products
Standard Products Outstanding lighting performance and control for reduced cost and time-to-market

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MicroLens optics advance luminaire design

Unparalleled lighting control for ultra-thin optics

Optical modeling ensure surface uniformity

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Advanced Manufacturing

High volume and large scale US operations

In-house testing, validation and prototyping

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Ultimate Design Flexibility

Design freedom through customizable optical shapes, patterns and form factors

Proven light guide solutions


Rapid Time-to-Market

Off-the-shelf designs provide outstanding performance

No capital expense and stock product enable quick to market projects

Expanding the Luminaire Design Space

The transition to LEDs in lighting is well underway, with a broad range of fixtures and lighting applications taking advantage of the inherently green characteristics of solid-state lighting. Beginning with edge-lit back lighting, Rambus has pioneered a light guide-based design that enables a new level of styling, efficiency and control for LED lighting.

With precise LED coupling along with MicroLens® optics – tiny 3D features that control how the light comes out of the light guide – create highly-efficient and cost-effective fixtures with unparalleled design flexibility for wide variety of luminaire applications.

LED Exterior Light Guides
LED Light Guides

What are MicroLens® Optics

MicroLens® optics are 3-dimensional elements that are embedded into an optical waveguide or film that provide customizable control of uniformity and light direction for superior application efficiency. Using our proprietary optical modeling software and design techniques, the MicroLens features and patterns can be customized to efficiently spread the light across the entire lighting surface, or direct it to specific locations.

The MicroLens optics are embedded directly into the light guide using injection molding, extrusion, or hot embossing processes. With advanced modeling techniques, the depth, shape and density of the MicroLens® features can be optimized to support a broad range of lighting solutions. Light injected at the edge of the light guide is precisely directed using the custom design of the MicroLens® optics.

What’s Included

Our offering includes customizable light guide design and manufacturing solutions with expert optical engineering support. Additionally, our light guides are available as off-the-shelf designs that are optimized to specific customer and application requirements by varying the size, shape and density of the MircoLens optics. Manufactured at our state-of-the art facility near Cleveland, OH, our light guides can support both flat and curved designs in a broad range of high volume lighting applications.

In addition, complete fixture prototype designs that combine our optical innovations, design engineering and manufacturing support services are also available to lighting system companies and fixture manufacturers worldwide.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Cleveland, Ohio is home to some of the most advanced optical design and manufacturing capabilities on the globe. At the core of the lighting division’s expertise is the design and manufacture of MicroLens optical technology that enables innovative LED luminaire design. We provide complete design and manufacturing services, from concept to manufacturing to testing to insure that the highest quality product is delivered, down to the micro-scale.

Watch Rambus Lighting Manufacturing

Watch Rambus Lighting Manufacturing

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Microlens Optics

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MicroLens® optics are 3-dimensional elements that are embedded in an optical waveguide or film, that provide customizable control of uniformity and output ray angle distribution for superior application efficiency.