DishTV collaborates with Rambus to Move Beyond Smart Cards

Security technology for set-top box (STB) chipsets has significantly improved recently to provide both robust security as well as more security options. DishTV India Limited has been at the forefront of technology innovation and is taking advantage of these advances to improve their STB security and economic optimisation. With a substantial and growing customer base of nearly 13 million subscribers, DishTV needed a simple but effective solution. They have chosen Rambus CryptoMedia Content Protection Core and Services to assist them in achieving their goal of creating a secure cardless STB.

“By leveraging the embedded CryptoMedia security core, we no longer need a smart card to provide secure access to premium content, optimizing cost, while also enhancing the security of the set-top box” said Jawahar Goel, Managing Director of DishTV India. “Leveraging the standard security blocks inside chipsets and a flexible software CAS, we are looking forward to using the CryptoMedia core as an added layer of protection to augment the security of our STB. This will allow us to combine the security of hardware with the flexibility of software solutions within our cardless set top box.”

“The CryptoMedia core helps us optimize costs and enhance the security of our set-top boxes.”

The CryptoMedia Content Protection Core is an independent key and rights management engine which protects content and services by protecting control words, services keys and other critical security assets. It is similar to a smart card being embedded into the STB chipset silicon. Being tightly integrated with other security elements like the descrambler, it provides a stronger security foundation than a smart card.

“By using the embedded CryptoMedia core, we will be able to deploy multiple security chains within a set-top box without a smart card. We believe it will not only be easy to integrate into our platform but it will also allow us to eliminate the expense and logistics involved with smart cards,” said Sunil Kumar, Vice President-Broadcast RF & Content Protection for DishTV India.

Already in over 70 chipsets from six different manufacturers, the CryptoMedia Content Protection Core is available for use with many CAS or DRM solutions.

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