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Memory PHYs

With their reduced power consumption and industry-leading data rates, our line-up of memory interface IP solutions support a broad range of industry standards with improved margin and flexibility

Products Product Brief Part Number Application
GDDR6 PHY Download GDDR6 Product Brief GDDR6 AI/ML, Automotive, Data Center
HBM3 PHY Download HBM3 Product Brief HBM3 AI/ML, HPC, Data Center
HBM2E PHY Download HBM2E Product Brief HBM2E AI/ML, HPC, Data Center
DDR4 PHY Download DDR4 Product Brief DDR4, DDR3 Enterprise
DDR4 Multi-modal PHY Download DDR4 Multi-modal PHY Product Brief DDR4, DDR3, LPDDR3, LPDDR2 Enterprise
DDR3 PHY Download DDR3 PHY Product Brief DDR3(1.5V), DDR3L(1.35V) Consumer
LabStation Validation Platform Download Labstation Product Brief Comprehensive testing tool Complex IP Validation
On-chip Noise Monitor Download On-chip Noise Monitor Compact noise measurement Complex IP Characterization
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Standards Compatible

Faster time-to-market

Multi-modal functionality

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Cost Effective

Flexible packaging options

Improved margin and yield

Enhanced testability

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Reduced Power

Improved power efficiency

Lower signaling and stand-by power

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Improved Performance

Industry-leading data rates

Higher bandwidth and capacity

Memory IP Solutions

Our family of memory PHYs offers a number of compelling benefits to chip and system designers alike, including reduced power consumption, increased data rates and improved cost-effectiveness – giving designers the advantage of increased margin and flexibility. These solutions are applicable to a broad range of applications spanning from mobile, to consumer to enterprise.

Rambus PHYs incorporate innovations such as FlexPhase™ timing adjustment circuitsoutput driver and On Die Termination (ODT) calibration that allow system designers to optimize for their unique requirements.

R+ DDRn PHY Configuration image

As part of a complete solution, our PHYs contain all of the necessary components for robust operation and ease of integration. They consist of hard macros of the command/address (C/A) and 8-bit data cells, and include IO pads, phase lock loops (PLL), power mode management (PMM), transmit and receive paths, clock distribution, control logic, power distribution and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuitry. Outside of the PHY itself, our solutions also include complete documentation and access to our in-house experts for optional design integration and bring-up support services to make integration as straightforward as possible.

Download HBM2 and GDDR6: Memory Solutions for AI white paper

HBM2E and GDDR6: Memory Solutions for AI

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) growth proceeds at a lightning pace. In the past eight years, AI training capabilities have jumped by a factor of 300,000 driving rapid improvements in every aspect of computing hardware and software. Meanwhile, AI inference is being deployed across the network edge and in a broad spectrum of IoT devices including in automotive/ADAS. Training and inference have unique feature requirements that can be served by tailored memory solutions. Learn how HBM2E and GDDR6 provide the high performance demanded by the next wave of AI applications.
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2.5D/3D Packaging Solutions for AI and HPC

For AI and HPC applications, HBM2E memory can deliver excellent bandwidth, capacity and latency in a very compact footprint thanks to its 2.5D/3D structure. The flipside is that this same structure leads to greater design complexity and raises a new set of implementation considerations.