32G Multi-protocol SerDes PHY

The 32G Multi-protocol SerDes (MPS) PHY is designed to meet the power efficiency and performance requirements of next-generation, high-speed data center, networking and 5G infrastructure applications.

How the 32G PHY works

The Rambus 32G MPS PHY is a comprehensive IP solution that is optimized for power and area in long-reach 30dB channels typical of communications, networking and data center applications. With high performance and multi-protocol compatibility, the PHY supports data rates from 2.5 to 32 Gbps in a wide range of industry-standard interconnect protocols including PCIe 4.0, JESD204B/C, CPRI and Ethernet. It features application-specific optimization enabled by an efficient and scalable architecture with adaptive and programmable receive equalization, and support for transmit FIR adaptation.

32G SerDes PHY Subsystem Example
32G SerDes PHY Subsystem Example

The 32G MPS PHY is designed with a system-oriented approach, taking the interface, interconnect and channel into account when optimizing performance and features that maximize flexibility in today’s most challenging system environments. This makes the PHY ideal for high-performance wireline and 5G wireless infrastructure applications.

For Ultra-Low Power 32G Designs

Rambus also offers an ultra-low power 32G MR MPS PHY (formerly AnalogX AXLinkIO MP) for medium-reach channels up to 20dB insertion loss. This PHY solution supports PCIe 5.0 and earlier generations, Ethernet to 25.78125 Gbps, Interlaken, JESD 204B/C, CPRI and more. It offers the industry’s best power, area and latency in its class for next-generation applications with the most demanding PPA requirements. It is available on advanced FinFET process nodes.

Solution Offerings

Protocol Compatibility

ProtocolData Rate (Gbps) Application
PCIe 4.016Hyperscale data center and big data applications
100GBASE-KR425.78125Copper backplane networking
40GBase-KR410.3125Copper backplane networking
10GBase-KR10.3125Copper backplane networking
CEI-28G-VSR19.6-28.1Telecom and networking
CEI-28G-SR19.9-28.05Telecom and networking
CEI-28G-MR19.9-28.1Telecom and networking
CEI-25G-LR19.9-25.8Telecom and networking
CEI11-SR, LR9.95-11.2Telecom and networking
JESD 204B/C3.125 – 32High-speed data converters connectivity
CPRI1.22 – 24.33Wireless base stations
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